Elektron Machinedrum Vintage Gear Review

In his latest video, Oora takes a look at the Elektron Machinedrum (2001), a deep drum machine that lets you create sounds with sample playback & synthesis, create sequences and add effects.

“This drum machine was way ahead of its time when came out,” notes Oora. “To this day, lot of artist keep using it and loving it, me included. In this video, I will show you why this is still a great investment and some features that make it stand out.”

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
05:20 Overview
10:26 How the machines sound
14:26 FX master
16:19 LFO section
20:00 Some different patterns/kits
28:10 Conclusions

If you’ve used the Machinedrum, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Elektron Machinedrum Vintage Gear Review

  1. Exceptional bit of gear – One for the Synt Hall of Fame

    I would not part with it for love nor money

    So many amazing tricks up its sleeve that never appeared in later Elektrons

    Like the ability to send all 16 LFOs to a single track

    1. What would you consider the criteria for ‘vintage’, when it comes to electronic music gear?

      There’s no standard criteria for ‘vintage’. But for things that don’t evolve rapidly, like furniture, 40 years is a commonly used. And for things that evolve rapidly, like clothing and tech, 20 years is generally accepted.

      The Machinedrum was introduced 20 years ago, so it meets that criteria.

      Another aspect of ‘vintage’ items is that they’ve gone through the cycle of being devalued, because they’re not the latest thing, and then increasing in value as they are reappreciated. An example would be old iPods becoming collectible.

      Sadly, both of these criteria makes stuff that many of us bought when it was new ‘vintage’!

      What do you think is a sensible criteria for calling electronic music gear ‘vintage’?

  2. I want one so badly, but the MKII are going for ridiculous prices now. 2500 and up is insane. I’d pay 1200 for one in very good condition.

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