‘Assyrian Women Mourners’, Arranged For Continuum Fingerboard

Composer & synthesist Carlo Serafini shared this live performance of his arrangement of Assyrian Women Mourners, by by Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff and Thomas De Hartmann.

This piece, from 1925, is from a collection of piano pieces by Gurdjieff & De Hartmann, Asian Songs and Rhythms, from 1925.

Technical details:

Serafini plays the melody with the Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard and the Expressive E Touchè, connected to the Continuum through the Haken Editor. The combination allows for very expressive performance, with continuous control of pitch, timbre and volume.

Serafini is using a just intonation tuning system in E for the Continuum. Other sounds come from Apple Logic Pro, retuned with its internal retuning capabilities.

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