3 thoughts on “Analogue Pocket + Nanoloop Minimal Techno Jam

  1. I really love this device, but with pre-orders lined up until 2023 and scalpers charging up to 1500 Euro for it, I will take a step back and wait for better times.

  2. What a great device ! Too bad we will not be able to get them in the near future 🙁 Would be cool to see a full video with all the audio possibilities. Thank you !

  3. Thanks for having me, Synthtopia!
    Yes, it’s too bad the Pocket is all pre-order at the moment and the waiting times are crazy… it’s definitely worth its asking price, but please don’t feed into the scalpers.
    Bodo, I will be doing a full video on the audio possibilities within the next week or so. Working on it 🙂

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