Ground Control Sequencer Gets Free Major Update has released a major update to its Ground Control sequencer that adds options for modulation, scales, performance and more.

Ground Control is a Eurorack step sequencer that lets you sequence 8 drum gate patterns, plus 3 melodic CV/gate patterns.

Here’s what’s new in firmware v.2.00:

  • CV modulation matrix added: 4 assignable CV inputs to various sequencer parameters: pattern shift, semitone and octaves offset, shuffle, ratchets, slide, gate length, CV to CC values and pattern change. Assign via TEMPO – E/ext. cv
  • scales added. Selected via TEMP – N – PATT selects preset scales, TRANSPOSE-/+ selects the root note. Pressing any of the keys adds/removes them from the scale.
  • TAP tempo button can be disabled in menu via TEMPO – M – C to not accidentally press it during the performance and change the tempo via: TEMPO – M – C (on/off).
  • during the live pattern select shut off the key LEDs because sometimes when they overlap the patterns you can load wrong project
  • pattern live mode in lock mode – changes the patterns now is sync tight
  • various JSON parser fixes
  • in live pattern select mode TAP also selects another project instead LAST STEP but after new project loaded it returns back to live pattern mode
  • F/mod. menu improved. LAST STEP button enables smoothing/stepped modulation output
  • fully rewritten manual with all v2 firmware features

See the site for more info.

6 thoughts on “Ground Control Sequencer Gets Free Major Update

    1. Not sure why you’d get your shorts in a wad about Synthtopia noting that it’s a free upgrade.

      It’s helpful for that to be clear – there are lots of Euro modules that have had both hardware updates and free firmware updates. It’s also not unusual for electronic music hardware to have commercial firmware or feature updates, like Roland’s TR-8s or System-8 or Waldorf’s Blofeld or even the firmware chip updates to a lot of classic synths.

      Don’t make ‘free’ the new ‘knockoff’!

      1. I think the only updates that cost money are DAW’s and a very small amount of hardware in specific cases so he has a point. It’s just for clarity in the headline, yes redundant, but everyone isnt as sharp as a tack. I’m sure Joey bag-a-donuts would see the headline without “Free” and move on even if he owned the device.

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