Bastl Instruments Intros Softpop SP2, A ‘Radical Subtractive Synth’

Bastl Instruments has introduced the Softpop SP2, described as “a radical subtractive synth under the influence of unconventional digital control”.

Softpop is the culmination of a near decade-long creative partnership between Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments and brings together the strengths and quirky design stylings of lead engineers Peter Edwards and Václav Peloušek. “We feel it’s our best work to date,” they note, “and a product of pure passion for innovative synthesis, music-making, and experimentation.”


  • Fully analog signal path with integrated digital control
  • Patchbay with 37 eurorack compatible patch-points for ultra-flexibility
  • Light orb for psychedelic inspiration
  • Triangle core oscillator with PWM input and pulse and triangle outputs
  • Automatic oscillator tuning and octave-wide fine-tune control
  • Quantized V/OCT semitone transpose
  • State variable resonant filter with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes
  • POP control for unique subtle and distorted timbres
  • Flexible attack-decay cycling Envelope with a ton of control inputs
  • Drone or envelope mode switch for the VCA
  • Musical sequencer with a lot of tricks
  • 8 step sequencer with pattern chaining to extend the length
  • Sequenceable scale quantizer with 8 user-editable scales
  • 8 patterns per bank, 8 banks (saved on demand)
  • Envelope gates per step
  • Slide option per step for that acid feel
  • Playback modes will turn your simple patterns on their head
  • Temporary FX section (ratchets, arps, noise, and more)
  • CV, gate, and clock outputs from the sequencer
  • External input for processing audio with dynamics analyzer
  • Analog sync Input
  • Tempo section with divider/multiplier
  • MIDI input for sync and musical control
  • XY crossfader utility section and 4-way multiple for advanced patches

Pricing and Availability

The Softpop SP2 is available now for €480.

11 thoughts on “Bastl Instruments Intros Softpop SP2, A ‘Radical Subtractive Synth’

  1. looks really good. very GAS inducing..

    price is 570 (here in eu) though

    I would like to know of the quantizer has a patchpoint, as to quantize an extermal source? (becaue i love the o ctrl but not the fact that it’s not quantized.

    sequencer can be used for external gear too? might have been mentioned it in the video, i m not sure at his point

      1. most modern analog sound great to my ears, this one seem powerful and interesting i just wished it could be also good looking. it is except for that, what is that anyway? it’s not even a douchey tribal tattoo, did you see the first version graphics? it was awesome…

      2. Ah, the old Toyota Prius method of designing something intentionally ugly so people who but one can tell themselves they’re better than other people because they don’t care about the way their purchase looks.
        I mean, I pre-ordered this thing in spite of it, so I guess they should try harder? Might go with a sharpie.

        1. All jokes besides, the busy design could simply serve the purpose to camouflage scratches. The faceplate seems to be made of PCB material, so it could end up looking a bit banged up around the faders after longer use.

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