Torso T-1 Sequencer In-Depth Review

In his latest video, Oora takes a look at the Torso T-1 Algorithmic MIDI sequencer, a 16-track step sequencer that features Euclidean Rhythms, algorithmic sequencing, note repeat, arpeggiators, voice-leading harmony, randomization, MIDI effects, performance features, Ableton Link and more.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments on the Torso T-1!

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
01:40 The Setup
02:30 Overview : What is an Euclidean Sequencer
07:00 The Shape Section
12:40 The Tone Section
16:40 The Groove Section
17:55 The Setup Section
19:10 The Random Function ( my favorite thing of T-1 )
23:30 Performance Tools
26:30 Temporary Functions
30:00 Chord Mode and Patch from Scratch
39:30 Conclusions

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