New Open Source Microsound Resynthesizer

Puremagnetik has introduced Ember, an open source microsound resynthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Ember is a sophisticated microsound collage tool that employs granular resynthesis to configure complex sound composites. Inspired by musique concrète pioneers of the past several decades, Ember harnesses modern digital algorithms with classic splicing techniques to create dense and evolving soundscapes. Point it to a folder of sounds and Ember will generate a composite of granular textures that you can later use in your electronic composition process.”


  • Composite Time – The length of the output recording (in seconds)
  • Min Sound Dur – the minimum length to slice a sound (in seconds)
  • Max Sound Dur – the maximum length to slice a sound (in seconds)
  • BINARL – Create a spatial audio (binaural) mix
  • RENDER – Load the samples and begin processing. Abort the recording by pressing it again.

Pricing and Availability:

Ember is available as part of Puremagnetik’s $9/month Lore subscription. It’s also open source, though, so you can download the source code to compile yourself.

6 thoughts on “New Open Source Microsound Resynthesizer

  1. Whay call it a resynthesizer? I’ve looked at the source code and (as the GUI suggests) there’s not much beyond a granular sample player, a filter, and a delay.

  2. Calling it a resynthetizer is not correct. Resynthetizer is related to sound analysis that decomposes a sound into its harmonics, and the recreates it via a Fourrier additive method. Here, it is only granular synthesis.

  3. This is so excellent. Wish that the two GUI objects were available for automation/randomisation in Ableton. My CSound skills aren’t up to the task but it would really make this even more brilliant.

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