Roland Intros n/zyme Model Expansion For Fantom

Roland has introduced the n/zyme Model Expansion for the FANTOM synthesizer series, the latest addition to their ZEN-Core Model Expansion lineup.

Instead of modeling an older synth architecture, n/zyme is designed to be “a thoroughly modern instrument”, with a new synth engine from Roland. It features layered wavetable oscillators, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two powerful step LFOs.

In contrast with basic synthesizer waveforms, wavetable oscillators employ multiple waveforms, and it’s possible to jump or morph between them for everything from dramatic shifts to slowly evolving soundscapes. n/zyme makes it easy to create complex textures, with the ability to mix two layers with 63 wavetables each, and adjust their positions in real time.

Players can physically shape the sound of n/zyme by drawing custom waveforms right on FANTOM’s touchscreen, and then tweak them using a range of powerful modulation tools. It’s also possible to manipulate sounds with an X/Y pad on the touchscreen, complete with automation support and tempo-synced control over speed, intensity, and more.

Two onboard Step LFOs feature 16 tempo-synced steps and 37 different shapes per step. There’s also a Step Kick Switch to add percussive attack for deeply rhythmic sounds and phrases. Going further, users can process n/zyme’s futuristic oscillators with FANTOM’s eight onboard filter types, including detailed models of vintage analog designs.

With FANTOM’s DSP power, players can layer multiple n/zymes for ultra-deep tones with sophisticated movement. It’s also possible to mix n/zyme with classic Roland synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and vocoders to craft sounds never heard before.

Availability & Pricing

The Roland n/zyme Model Expansion for the FANTOM synthesizer series is available now as a Lifetime Key for $149 through Roland Cloud. Support for n/zyme is included with the free Version 3.0 update for the FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7, and FANTOM 8 keyboards.

3 thoughts on “Roland Intros n/zyme Model Expansion For Fantom

  1. This looks really very nice. If they made a standalone one like modwave etc then people on the forums would be super-excited I think. Makes me think about getting a fantom etc..

  2. Fantastic workstation. It’s my centerpiece and lovingly so. Beautiful and something to really sink my teeth into.
    Shoot, I remember having to pay for Pram, simm ram, KDFX, and the two sound blocks for the K2500 back in the day. That chunk of upgrades easily cost about a grand. LiveMode was an amazing free upgrade. Same goes for my Motif ES & XF (mLAN and ram).
    So for 149 I get a bitchin’ original synth engine aside from all the free vintage emulations and um-teen-thousand uploaded expansions within my Fantom…I’d say it’s fair and I support it.
    Super happy to have Roland develop a new synth in n/zyme rather than another rehash of legendary synths from yesteryear. I am so over that pitch & well-worn path. Forward please.

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