New Synth, BLEASS Omega, Makes FM Synthesis User-Friendly

BLEASS has introduced Omega, an new software synth for desktop and iOS that they say “is not just easier than with other FM synths, it’s easy – PERIOD!”

Omega starts with 4-operator FM synthesis, and adds a waveshaper and multi-mode filter. Motion sequencing and four effects processors let you create patches with motion and spatial presence.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“All of the classic capabilities of FM Synthesis are available in BLEASS Omega – expressive electric pianos, deep thundering basses, crystal-clear pads, sparkling bells, and soulful leads. And thanks to the instrument’s analogue-style Waveshaper and multi-mode Filter, BLEASS Omega can inject powerful analogue-like flavour into those pure FM tones, giving searing filter sweeps, growling distortions, and harmonically-rich resonances.

The four FM operators that sit at the heart of BLEASS Omega are edited simultaneously from within a single screen, with all operator envelopes and controls available to the touch of your finger. This amazingly user-friendly approach makes light work of sound editing, and encourages experimentation and exploration in a way no other FM synth can achieve.

With eleven FM algorithms on offer, each providing a different way of interconnecting the four operators for radically different results, the sonic scope of BLEASS Omega is vast. The included library of over 200 professionally designed presets makes full use of this versatility, furnishing you with a varied and inspirational sound palette to use in your music making and sound design projects.”



BLEASS Omega fits in with your workflow and studio setup, no matter how you like to create. The iOS edition provides both standalone and AUv3 versions for use on iPad and iPhone, whilst the desktop edition for Windows and macOS comes as a VST3/AU plugin instrument, compatible with all major DAWs.

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9 thoughts on “New Synth, BLEASS Omega, Makes FM Synthesis User-Friendly

  1. It’s a nit-picky point, but it seems like most FM synths only have straight-line vectors in their ASDR’s. There is musical value in having curves in an envelope generator.

    The underlying implication that FM is not user-friendly is certainly true– especially with regard to how kind of unintuitive the synthesis method is– particularly with different algorithms. Making an uncluttered UI will probably help inexperienced FM’ers (like me) explore and experiment.

    I wish someone would make an FM synth that really felt like it was moving it forward, bringing with it more deep editing, better modulation options, and somehow transcending that “DX7” sound.

    1. What helped me learn it best was the spectrum display in (I think) FM8. Then you see how the different algorithms and different ratios cause different formant-like filter shapes, odd/even harmonics etc..

      1. The current typical pricing structure of iOS apps is unsustainable. The days of $5 apps with unlimited updates and support need to end. A lot of really good apps have gone by the wayside because of those (unreasonable) expectations.

        1. Exactly. People whining about $10 or $20 for an app need a reality check. I don’t know how some developers do it. As you point out, the expectations from end-users are insane.

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