Polyrhythmic Music For Piano & Modular Synthesizer

Synthesist Raffael Seyfried shared this original track, Spin, for piano and modular synthesizer.

Here’s what Seyfried has to say about the piece and technical details:

“In this one, I decided to record the modular and the piano separately. Firstly, because I wanted my hands free on both the piano and the synthesizer and secondly because I wanted to use my Random Source / Serge “Triple Waveshaper”, which gives a lot of life to the sawtooth waves of the EvenVCO.

Patch Notes:

As mentioned I’m using two sawtooth waves from my two EvenVCOs which are patched into two channels of the Serge “Triple Waveshaper” and from there into the BF-22 filter. The output of that goes into the HexMix VCA and from there into the 4ms “DLD” and into Beads for some reverb. The Cutoffs of the BF-22 are modulated by 2 envelopes from Maths the level of those is controlled by the RYO “VC-Seq” and the Make Noise Pressure Points. I’m using the send and return channels of the DLD in this piece to run the feedback path through the Erica Synths “Acidbox 3″ which creates the nice distorted feedback at the end. Mics on the Piano are four Oktava Mk12s two close and two far. Camera is a Lumix GH-4. The DAW I use is Cubase and the editing was done in Davinci Resolve.”

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