Free Download: Philip Glass’s Piano

Spitfire Audio has released the latest in their line of free LABS virtual instruments, Glass Piano.

Glass Piano is a virtual instrument based on the personal piano of American minimalist composer Philip Glass. Here’s what the developers have to say about it:

“Recorded at his home in New York City, this is legendary composer Philip Glass’s beloved piano.

His entire breadth of compositional work over the past 30 years has been written on this piano — including seminal works The Piano Etudes, all of his Academy Award-nominated film scores, and hundreds of other compositions.

Discover the unique sonic personality of this baby grand with a range of sounds — from classic and beautiful, to soft and atmospheric.”

Pricing and Availability

Glass Piano is available now as a free download for Mac & Windows.

14 thoughts on “Free Download: Philip Glass’s Piano

  1. Nothing like a culturally irrelevant composer (championed only by even more irrelevant, nameless academic hacks) being used to beg people to download yet-another fReE sAmPLe pAcK.

    1. Nothing like a culturally ignorant comment (left by an anonymous, irrelevant commenter) to to showcase your self-satisfied cluELesNess.

      1. Does anyone have an alternative download link bc i can’t use a computer for now and it’s not downloadable from anything but a computer

    2. Philip Glass ranks 538 on Spotify… out of more than 3,000,000 musicians and bands. That puts Philip Glass in the top 1% — the top 0.2% actually — which is pretty good and a lot better than you at any rate.

    3. You guys are absolutely talking nonsense. The free packs from spitfire are stellar, cant believe you are all acting so spoiled.

  2. The LABS instruments are all of high quality, just with a narrow focus. They’re a bit like ‘traditional’ FM; you use them when that particular tool is called for.

    Glass Grand comes the closest to a traditional piano sound, with a rather static decay. The preset sounds as if its in the back of a gym. You basically get one solid slice of what an instrument can do and then tweak it. I cranked the EQ on the high end and held down the sustain pedal; it brought out some real character. Its not for detailed solo work in this form, I’d think, but it earns a place. The variations are nice organic pads that reach for miles.

    1. If it’s his studio piano we see in the pic, it’s a Baldwin. Not exactly an award-winning sound, but it’s known for taking a beating, so it’s very useful for everyday work and training. But in terms of unique “sound”, it’ll be subjective…perhaps he tricked it out?

  3. What is ‘The Brain’ on about?!! Hahaha, funniest comment. Triggered, much? You do realise that LABS are some of the most interesting and inspiring FREE sample libraries out there? There’s nothing controversial about them, they make nice sounds. Nobody’s begging.

    ‘The Brain’? yeah, sure.

  4. I love these spitfire sample libraries. Don’t get all these geniuses crying over a free sample pack. They must be tired sitting on their mounds of unused sample libs taking up HD space…

  5. I have a feeling “Brain” is either Philip Glass’s piano tuner or the poor sap who came up with an idea for an opera called “Neils Bohr on the Beach” in 1984…..

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