Korg Multi-Engine Masterclass With Sinevibes

The Prologue and Minilogue XD are great-sounding analog synths, but their ‘secret weapon’ is the Korg Multi Engine, which is an open platform that lets you load custom digital oscillators and effects that anyone can create.

The combination of an analog synth engine, plus the option to use digital oscillators and effects, gives users a huge palette of sound to work with. The ability to load custom oscillators and effects also means that you can customize the capabilities of the Prologue and Minilogue XD, adding new synthesis options and expanding your keyboard’s capabilities over time.

This Korg masterclass features Sinevibes‘ developer Artemiy Pavlov, introducing the Multi Engine and demonstrating sound design with his Multi Engine plugins. Sinevibes has done as much as anyone to showcase the potential of Korg’s Multi Engine, creating more than a dozen oscillator and effects plugins for the platform.

The video is not just an introduction to Sinevibes’ plugins, but it is also a great introduction to the potential of the Multi Engine and the sound design possibilities of the Prologue and Minilogue XD synths.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

Note: While the focus of the masterclass is on the Prologue and Minilogue XD, the plugins also support the NTS-1.

9 thoughts on “Korg Multi-Engine Masterclass With Sinevibes

    1. I was prepared to go for another hour 🙂 But they later said the max length is 1:30. Thing is, there were 5 KORG employees backstage making sure everything is okay. But they can’t be there all day 🙂

    1. Truth to be told, this event was not “organized” at all. I had no idea what the format would be, KORG did not inform me beforehand. There was no script, mostly I just started form nothing and let it flow naturally 🙂 And I think it turned out to be quite good, both KORG guys, as well as many people who watched, really liked it and they want us to do part II.

  1. This makes me slightly sorry that I’m all-in with Logic and not into serious hardware anymore. It’d be a shame not to dive into the platform and milk those engines. I’d love to see a ROMpler plug-in that added just a few serious acoustic sounds, but no complaint here when its covering everything else so well. Korg should sub-contract Sinevibes and Jexus as sound developers.

    1. A sample-based oscillator is definitely not possible due to memory size limitations – a plugin can only be max 32 KB in size. There is no store and no RAM in these machines that the oscillators can access. But we’ve developed a lot of incredible synthesis tech for them nonetheless 🙂 And in the future we do also plan to create desktop instrument plugins featuring this tech!

  2. I put my sampler(s) (Kronos) away when I got this synth. 32kb was enough for operating systems and applications in my youth. its enough to do amazing things now.

    however, I want to do amazing things 1 again – and need more resources. only 2X. wavetables could be usefully larger, in-memory filter and delay constructs would be better.

    if Korg just put the 446 instead of the 401 in there; put the main CPU on the voice cards too – 180mhz/128KB – if they ever update the line it would be awesome. I’ll pay the difference gladly. leave the analog alone – I don’t really use it much.

    thank you Artemiy for putting on a master class on very little notice!

  3. Artemiy is a really good guy. Got to chat with him a couple times at Superbooth, and we talked about what he was doing with Korg. Didn’t realize at the time how much this programmable third oscillator would become one of the coolest features in the Prologue and XD range. Very glad Dreadbox decided to work with him as well.

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