Teenage Engineering DIY Modular Synth Projects

Teenage Engineering has shared a series of DIY modular synth projects, based on their POM-1 line of barebones module components.

The three DIY projects use modules from the POM range in a variety of ways, including a compact modular, a LEGO LFO & a Jamaican-style dub siren.

The projects include:

  • Square Box – This project is using all the modules from the POM-400 kit, together panels from Oddvolt, to create a complete Eurorack system.
  • Dub Siren – a siren effect box, with an LFO, a square module and PSU.
  • Mechanical LFO – this project features a LEGO robot, designed to work as a mechanical LFO.

Here’s the LEGO project in action:

The individual POM-1 barebones modules are available now, with most modules priced around $30 USD. See the TE site for details.

9 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering DIY Modular Synth Projects

  1. Looks alot more appealing as separate modules. Just wish you didnt have to buy the faceplates somewhere else, although available, still a small barrier to entry.

  2. They should have done OP2 and a separate eurorack module to integrate with. I feel that TE has lost their mojo quite a bit.

  3. Did not realize they were now selling the modules individually, nice. Very low price compared to Eurorack modules too

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