Erica Synths Intros Inexpensive DIY Modular Case & Power Supply

Erica Synths has introduced an inexpensive DIY Eurorack case for their mki x es.EDU system.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We designed a DIY eurorack PSU based on a DC/DC converter that turns +12VDC from a wall wart AC/DC adapter into eurorack standard bipolar +-12V. This ensures the voltage in your eurorack system never exceeds 12V and any area in your eurorack case is safe to touch. In order to reduce the overall cost of the case we do not use eurorack rails with threaded inserts or sliding nuts, instead, there are pre-drilled, threaded holes to accommodate the modules of the mki x system in a specific order.

NB! The enclosure & PSU are designed specifically to accommodate DIY modules from mki x series and are not compatible with other eurorack modules. “

Pricing and Availability

The mki x es. EDU enclosure and PSU are available now to pre-order for 110 EUR (excl. VAT).

13 thoughts on “Erica Synths Intros Inexpensive DIY Modular Case & Power Supply

    1. Thanks for the shoutout. Even a new NiftyCase is only £150 compared to £100 for the Erica, which seems worth it as you can swap in/out modules or even sell it – good luck selling the Erica one. There’s a Tiptop Audio case for £109 too which looks to be the same size, and maybe good enough for those of us who own a Keystep or similar controller.

    1. Some key details omitted here. It does sound ridiculous unless you know that it is not just for the DIY build series. *It is part of the DIY series.* The power supply you build from scratch, soldering everything etc.. along with Moritz Klein’s extended manual that explains the theories and underlying concepts for everything. The main focus is on the power supply I would think. Erica probably used pre-drilled in order to keep the costs down for what is a very low production run, if I had to guess.

  1. If and when I get back into modular, I’m definitely building cases from scratch. Every “solution” I’ve seen is either obscenely overpriced or has some stupid, unnecessary limitations. Or both.

    1. This seems like a great move from a product perspective. Those who are building the DIY series will be more inclined to “complete the set” after ordering this. It has a specific purpose, to encourage the complete build out of the DIY set.; not allow you to install other modules. into it.

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