New Physical Modeling Synthesizer, Preparation, Based On Nonlinear Models Of Strings & Collisions

Physical Audio has introduced Preparation, a new virtual instrument, based on nonlinear models of strings and collisions.

Preparation is based on mathematical modelling of 2 basic elements; strings which can be configured as bars, and a rattling element.

Each voice has a pair of strings connected by a rattle that reacts to the vibrations at each end. This uses the latest research in collision modelling to calculate the acoustic system in real-time.

The strings have parameters for nonlinearity, inharmonicity, sustain and tone. The rattle has controls for the mass at each end, the gap from the strings, the stiffness, edginess, strength and its position.

A low shelf EQ, overdrive and reverb units complete the signal chain, giving a wide range of sounds from cutting leads to epic soundscapes.

Audio Demos:

Here’s a demo of using an MPE controller with Preparation:

Pricing and Availability

Preparation is available now for Mac & Windows for $89 USD until March 7th, 2022 (regular $149 USD).

6 thoughts on “New Physical Modeling Synthesizer, Preparation, Based On Nonlinear Models Of Strings & Collisions

  1. Just bought it, sounds fantastic! Reminds me of the depth of Logic’s Sculpture, but with a more intuitive interface.

  2. Refreshingly twist on the modeled string thing. Takes the strings of AAS, and Sculpture into both weirder and grander territory. Stunning.

    It’s a bit pricy for my needs, but it’s worth the price for those crazy cool tones. The MPE implementation is a nice bonus.

  3. I’ve played Chromaphone since v.2. Preparation sounds as if its focus is on the SFX end of the pool. Chromaphone has always felt more dedicated to the building of surreal instruments that still have a foothold in the real world. It also includes several models that give you a better start if you’re seeking a bell or bowed string event. It can get bizarre, but it also has an inviting, synth-like front end. Its far friendlier than Sculpture, too. There’s the line, IMO.

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