Live Performance By Steve Roach

Synthesist and space music pioneer Steve Roach shared this epic 2 hour, 25 min live performance from the Phoenix Synth Fest on Feb 11, 2022.

The concert was captured with multi-camera HD video, with audio recorded in high resolution, directly from Roach’s mixing console. The performance was Roach’s first live public concert since February 2020.

The video captures the premiere of over an hour of new music, lots of great footage of Roach’s performance and live visuals by Francisco Mendez / NoctiVision.

Set List:

Looking for Safety
Spirals and Molecules (part 1) premiere – 24:50
Spirals and Molecules (part 2) premiere 57:50
Prometheus Rising – premiere 1:25:25
The Gone Place – premiere 1:33:17
What Remains – premiere 1:54:43
Breath of Heart -2:04:30

5 thoughts on “Live Performance By Steve Roach

  1. This is an amazing performance. I am normally not into ambient music, but this, coupled with the video makes an incredible experience. Not sure how he projected the video, but it is really well done.

    Craig Anderton made a comment some years back that “The Future of Music Will Include Video”. This is an excellent example.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Hats off – trying to catch l’audience attention during 2h30 all alone… not a simple task…
    A little bit boring and déjà vu for my taste. But nice try! Bravo Mr Roach.

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