Dreadbox Nymphes Firmware Update Adds MPE Support & More

Dreadbox has released version 2 of the firmware for the Nymphes synthesizer.

The update adds MPE support, polyphonic aftertouch, new MIDI features and more.

Here’s what’s new in Nymphes v2:

New features:

  • MPE support
  • Polyphonic aftertouch support
  • Polyphonic assignable targets
  • Preset import/export support
  • Factory presets can now be replaced
  • MIDI Channel Learn
  • Scaled Mode for slider control


  • SHIFT button behaviour changed
  • CC transmit on Preset Load
  • CC list reworked
  • All Notes Off and All Sounds Off CCs added
  • Reverb control added to Modulation matrix through CC
  • Modulation target: Mod Wheel on PW changed
  • Shortcut for Global settings reset

Bug fixes:

  • VCA envelopes scratching envelopes fixed
  • Voice Mode changing hanging notes

14 thoughts on “Dreadbox Nymphes Firmware Update Adds MPE Support & More

  1. before the chronic complainer starting their rant i just wanted to say this is an amazing update!
    all i wanted and then some. the mpe support, poly modulations, the effect modulation and the faders relative mode!
    good work dreadbox, i guess you just made nick batt very happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    we love you yannis!! <3

    1. And there I was, thinking that humans managed to make music without screens for tens of thousands of years, only to be proven wrong by some very smart people on the internet who were not willing to memorize three shift button combinations.

      1. Right, because somehow ten thousand years has anything to do with a modern instrument. Those are separate matters. You can say that great music has been made irrespective of an instruments limitations and or feature set. And conversely that a great synth doesn’t require a screen. However, this synth, or any synth with some level of complexity can benefit from visual feedback.

        The irony that the more in dept feature set of this synth will require an iPad!

      2. They also managed without toilet paper for thousands of years. I hope supermarkets don’t call us on that as well. Anyway screen or not i personally don’t care about the synth. I also don’t imprison plants and my music working space looks horrible. But a one oscillator “polyphonic” synth with such limited modulation is my idea of a toy.

      1. I donโ€™t think the problem is lack of screen, some kind of matrix control with encoders and buttons could made it much simpler to operate,
        Btw, Stevie is not really blind ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Excited for this update. Really pleased with this thing so far.

    For those complaining about no screen. It gets you thinking and working differently. If you want clear knob per function, Sequential has a bunch of great synths for you that will cost you twice as much.

  3. LOL jk – i was just mocking all those “chronic complainers”

    but then i ended up creating “complainers of chronic complainers”

    its like some kind of vicious cycle

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