Waves Audio Intros CR8 Creative Sampler With AI-Powered Sample Finder

Waves Audio has introduced CR8 Creative Sampler, a software sampling instrument that features 8 sample layers, key & BPM detection, ADSR/LFO modulators, the built-in COSMOS sample finder, 800 presets & 2500 free samples.

COSMOS brings all the one-shots and loops on your hard drive into one easy-to-search place. It uses advanced Waves Neural Networks technology to analyze, auto-tag, and sort your collection of samples?into a unified database.


  • 8 sample layers to create rich sample textures
  • Stack and mix the 8 layers, or split them across your keyboard
  • 5 stretching options: Voice, Beats, Melodic, Harmonic, Classic
  • Play and Launch modes
  • Root and BPM detection
  • Drag & drop 4 LFO/Sequencer and 4 ADSR modulators on any CR8 control
  • Individual Cutoff, Resonance and Drive for each sample with 4 assignable group filters
  • Assign keyboard functions to CR8 controls for extra playability
  • Internal sample mixer to easily mix the sample layers together
  • Integrates with the COSMOS AI-powered Sampler Finder
  • Over 2500 free samples (with the built-in COSMOS)
  • Packed with over 800 sampler presets

Pricing and Availability

CR8 is available now with an intro price of $9.99 USD (normally $34.99).

2 thoughts on “Waves Audio Intros CR8 Creative Sampler With AI-Powered Sample Finder

  1. I’d buy it just even to see if the “AI” sample organiser works – my samples folder is a complete mess

    €10 though – can’t argue with that

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