GForce OB-E Synthesizer Updated With Input From Tom Oberheim

GForce Software, in collaboration with Tom Oberheim, has introduced OB-E V2, described as “a pin sharp emulation of the Oberheim 8-Voice”.

The update features a variety of updates, including a new ‘Vintage’ control and a refined ‘Detune’ parameter, along with a new reverb, 100+ new presets and more.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Last year, as we neared the release of OB-E, we were contacted by Marcus Ryle on behalf of Tom Oberheim. Marcus is a co-founder of Line 6 but also a former Oberheim developer who contributed to the OB-Xa, DSX, DMX, OB-8, Xpander and Matrix 12. Through Marcus, OB-E found its way to the ears of Tom Oberheim and they were both impressed enough to suggest a collaboration to refine the instrument and release an update carrying their full endorsement.

Working under the guidance of Tom and Marcus, we further enhanced the already incredible sounding OB-E. Refining the Detune feature and adding a new Vintage knob, dials in more realistic musical inaccuracies in line with the original instrument for a truly authentic 8-Voice experience.”

Here’s what’s new in Oberheim OB-E v2:

  • New presets
  • Vintage knob & Refined Detune parameter
  • Matrix Reverb
  • Drum Mode and 10 drum kits presets
  • PC support, VST3 and Apple Silicon Native
  • Sequencer Zoom
  • Flexible scaling UI

Key features include:

  • Authentic sounding emulation of the Oberheim 8-Voice
  • 700+ factory Patches ‘designed to fit in a mix’, all tagged and categorised
  • Librarian for easy access to the presets (Arrow Keys Navigation)
  • ZOOM enlarges an individual SEM filling the UI with front & rear panels side by side
  • Group and Offset mode to edit all SEMs at once, Individual SEM Copy/Paste/Save
  • Upper/Lower SEMs can be Split across the keyboard
  • Multi-faceted analogue style sequencer
  • Extensive Velocity & Aftertouch modulation, Pan and Volume per SEM
  • Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE

Pricing and Availability

Oberheim OB-E v2 is available now for £99.99 Ex. VAT.

6 thoughts on “GForce OB-E Synthesizer Updated With Input From Tom Oberheim

  1. Arturia already did a great job with their Sem V, I hope Mr. Overheim will bring some hardware on the table too in the near future.

  2. Excited about this update, because it adds m1 native plugs for starters. This has been hands down one of the best sounding soft synths I’ve used. One thing that irks me though is that they dropped aupresets as being the default preset banks. Not sure why this was required for the code update, but that puts a big crimp in my being able to browse presets from the Ableton Push browser

  3. Anyway, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to GForce for the PC version, as I was waiting for it from the moment it was available for MAC (only).
    And another one also for their Tom Oberheim’s interview in video which was really interresting to me.

    I am 58 years old and I found really great that I can now “make some noise” (as I have no talent for music but I love tweaking buttons/sounds) with some software version of the hardware synths I was dreaming to own when I was a teenager but I had , and still haven’t ;o) , no money for that.
    (sorry for my bad English)

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