Squarp Instruments Intros Hapax Hardware Sequencer

Squarp Instruments has introduced the Hapax, a new hardware sequencer that’s designed to be the centerpiece of your rig.

The company says that the Hapax “offers every tool needed to compose songs in the studio and perform them on stage. From vintage to modern synths, from modular systems to your favorite DAW, Hapax can sequence and synchronize all your gear, while bringing you carefully crafted tools, designed for maximizing creativity.”

The Hapax can handle up to a million notes and events; has MPE compatibility; offers input and output via DIN MIDI, USB MIDI & CV/Gate; features more than 180 physical controls; supports saving and loading to SD cards and more.


  • Player
    • Dual Project: 16-track × 8-pattern + 16-track × 8-pattern
    • Polyrhythms / Polymeters / Phasing
    • Track run-modes : reverse, pingpong, random
    • Track length: 1 step to 32 bars
  • Performance
    • 3 live modes : scales, chords, drum
    • Project real-time global scale
    • High recording resolution: 192ppqn
    • Real Time Midi Effects (Arpeggiator, Chance, Euclid, Harmonizer, Randomizer, Scale, Swing…)
    • Live recording with looper & metronome
    • Transpose track
  • Misc
    • Undo / Redo / Snapshot
    • Advanced modMatrix
    • Assign 8-pot mode
  • Step
    • 3 step modes: polyphony, drums, MPE
    • Algorithmic composition tools
    • Quantizer with strength
    • Loop points on each track
    • Conditional trigs possible on each note + Fill
    • Automation editor with interpolator
  • Pattern/Song
    • Advanced pattern mode
    • Song editor mode, based on sections (groups of patterns)

Pricing and Availability

The Hapax is available now for $979 USD.

15 thoughts on “Squarp Instruments Intros Hapax Hardware Sequencer

  1. im trying to move towards this kind of thing, where you “play” the AI behind the sequences as an instrument unto itself… which is extremely fascinating imho

    unfortunately im quite far from being dedicated and established enough to jump on something like this, but its great to know it exists and is ready and waiting and so forth and so on

    in fact, im really interested in all of these devives like the pioneer one and the dreadbox one and that oxiclean thing also

  2. A lot of us hardware users arecwating for a midi only hardware sequencer that we can use like atari and first cubase.Cutting and pasting midi, key edit etc making tracks was easier 25 years ago than now.Bloat ware daws or chappy step sequencer are not much fun.

  3. They should have spent this time and effort into an update for sqaurp pyramid. The one I have is buggy as hell, which tells me this one will be too. Also it looks like every other hardware sequencer nowadays. Kinda dull.

  4. I have the Squarp Pyramid and liked it quite a bit. It had quite a few fun and innovative midi features, including fun live midi manipulation.
    Really the only thing missing was a full modern button grid. I might have to try this out.

    1. I had a pyramid and loved those midi randomization features. But editing the sequences was so cumbersome on tiny screen so I couldn’t live with it. This seems to fix that – this can be a really great sequencer.

      I’m having a Deluge nowadays, though. It’s fantastic!

  5. One feature I’m bummed this is missing: velocity and/or pressure-sensitivty on the pads. Would’ve been super-handy for _inputting_ MPE data.

    The Korg SQ-64 doesn’t have velocity-sensitive pads either, but it literally costs 33% of what this does…

      1. For €864 (excluding VAT)

        You might expect the pads to have velocity sensitivity at the very least

        The most basic of expressive MIDI tools that has been around for decades

        I fail to see how it is to be the “centerpiece of your rig” without this most basic of functionalities

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