Gorgeous Custom Nintendo Inspired Synthesizer, The NES-SY37


Designer and craftsman Love Hultén shared this video demo of his latest creation, the NES-SY37, a custom synthesizer design, inspired by the classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

The NES-SY37 takes characteristic elements from the NES console and combines them with a Commodore SX-64 portable. Inside, you’ll find a polyphonic NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer (Arcano), accompanied by a spring reverb and the hapiNES L (Twisted Electronics), a 4 voice multi-track chiptune synth inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip from the original Nintendo console.

The keyboard uses a NES 7pin port for connection and controls the polyphonic synth, but it also triggers a custom real-time MIDI visualizer, made in collaboration with artist p1xelfool. The 800×600 LCD can also be used for gaming, as the NES-SY37 accepts NES cartridges and a second 7pin port allows for Nintendo controllers.

See Hultén’s site for details and more images.

16 thoughts on “Gorgeous Custom Nintendo Inspired Synthesizer, The NES-SY37

  1. This is Nifty. I love it. It would pair well my stylus. True Early Kraftwerk!

    Hats off to the builder, design, sound!

    1. it’s a cute gimmick. it keeps him happy. I ok with it. I don’t see anyone actually playing these things for more than a couple of minutes. 8bit is really fatiguing to listen too for me.

    2. Why is it so difficult for some people to recognize case modding as an art in itself? The outside of a synth has to be designed and built too, or do you guys only play bare circuit boards?

        1. That statement is not just incomprehensible, but it gets more incomprehensible the more you think about it.

  2. This looks like some artful synths at low prices that I bought two of and never received from a Facebook ad.

    Checking his site I see the two I bought and didn’t get.

    Buyer set fire to your money for more satisfaction.


    1. Images from his website are regularly used by scammers on social media. He addressed it on Instagram before and said he can’t do much about it.

  3. This guy makes a lot of cool stoff, but who is he and how is he able to make so much interesting stoff so rapidly?
    Is it a team of people working together?

  4. This will be awesome for my 80s retro prog rock band. Whilst the guitarist ploughs through a 20 minute solo I can bust out some Megaman!

  5. So sad he did not do a direct line recording, I hate room reverb. Does sound accurate from what I could tell though.

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