Configuring The Elektron Workstation

This series of videos, embedded in the playlist above, discusses the idea of ‘The Elektron Workstation’ – using an Elektron device as the brain of a complete music-making system.

The series offers a deep dive into both making the physical connections to setup up an Elektron workstation and the settings to configure. The goal is to squeeze as the most functionality possible out of your Elektron device.

The video focuses on the Model:Samples, paired with two upstream MIDI controllers, the Arturia Keystep 32 and Akai MPX8, to create a complete and budget-friendly setup. Many of the concepts covered in this video, though, extend to other Elektron devices, though they may have additional connectivity and features.

The second video in the series covers incorporating a hardware synth, the Korg NTS-1, into the setup. In the third part, a Korg Volca is added to the setup.

Check it out and share your thoughts on an Elektron-based rig in the comments!

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