Soundtoys Donating 100% Of Sales To Ukraine Humanitarian Relief

Audio effects creator Soundtoys has announced that 100% of sales thru March 8 will be donated to help support the people of Ukraine and those displaced by the recent Russian invasion. This applies to sales of all products, including Gift Cards.

“This is among the largest and most sudden humanitarian crisis we’ve seen in our lifetime. It’s been horrifying to watch this unprovoked war unfold, crippling a sovereign nation and displacing millions of peaceful residents. ” said Ken Bogdanowicz, CEO and lead designer at Soundtoys.

Customers are invited to designate the full value of their purchase to one of three humanitarian organizations by entering a code at checkout (just as they would a coupon):

  • Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders
    Use code: DOCTORS
  • World Central Kitchen
    Use code: MEALS
  • The Red Cross Society of Ukraine
    Use code: SAFETY

“Sadly, there is no end in sight to this escalating crisis, and we want to continue to offer our support said Bogdanowicz, “which is why after this fundraiser ends on March 8, we will continue to donate 100% of sales from Radiator.’

The company says that, in addition to their dedication to the art of sound, they also have a social mission that works to protect human rights and the environment in the US and elsewhere. They say that this includes raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for refugee and disaster relief, promoting free speech and democracy, and supporting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense Fund, and Team Rubicon.

45 thoughts on “Soundtoys Donating 100% Of Sales To Ukraine Humanitarian Relief

  1. It’s great to see some companies doing this. But I can’t help but ask – didn’t you know that this conflict has been going the last 8 (eight!) years? According to UN, 13000 civilians have been killed. Approx. 500 kids among them. You just find out?

    1. If you’re even remotely aware of what’s going in the world, yeah, you’d know. It goes all the way back to when a puppet from Putin was forced out. Also, it is besides the point. Those regions were pro-Russian, the part of Ukraine being invaded now is not.

      Anyway, lovely to see many companies doing a thing. A landgrab like this was supposed to be something of the past, and the world shows these things aren’t tolerated. Get used to increased synth prices, as a lot of neon, needed for chip production, isn’t coming from Ukraine anymore.

    2. Yeah. Several companies jump on the (donation) bandwagon, people demonstrate in the streets. Where have they all been the last 8 years, when the russian minority in Ukraine was surpressed by militia with SS-signs on their uniforms?
      “the largest and most sudden humanitarian crisis we’ve seen in our lifetime”
      Must be young people in that company. Jemen, Kongo, Lesotho, Somalia…. – all unknown names? Much bigger problems there than in Ukraine.

      1. Is WOK Putin’s spokesperson?
        Didn’t your granny teach that two wrongs don’t make a right?
        It’s almost like you’re trying to justify the HELL ON EARTH that Putin has created.
        You’re analysis is poor beyond words.
        When Poland’s NATO Migs enter combat, Putin’s oil revenue starts to dwindle, Venezuela turn on the taps and still the Ukrainians hold out…….the psychopath with the nukes who blames eveyone else for the war is going to get all butch with them nukes.

      2. You’re completely out of order here, WOK. You’re absolutely wrong about the details of your post regarding insignia etc. Please don’t spread Putin’s misinformation and propaganda like this, especially not here on a site about music and creativity.

        1. WOK spreading misinformation, lies, disinformation (far more sinister), propaganda, mendacity, falsehoods, fabrications, and distortions, well that is just a normal course of the day for this individual. Nothing new.

          I realise that facing Putin’s hatred, vility, and naked aggression may mean a nuclear conflict, yet we can either face him now as a united Europe or allow his sphere of power and geographical scope increase and do it much later when his derangement syndrome will worsen.

      3. you’re right, WOK.

        But now that the catastrophe is here, humanitarian help is needed (although I didn’t check the NGO’s in question – some may be involved in political activities in disguise).

        I wish such human relief NGO’s and their supporters would include the destructive role of NATO in their description.

      1. That’s a cynical read on it Sebazios. Human beings in this company make a strong moral statement, and the offer is, in essence, make a donation in an amount that matches the price of any purchase, and we’ll GIVE you the plugin(s) for free. .AND you get to choose from several very reputable organizations.

          1. nothing reeks of pointless, irrelevant old fart more than dismissively calling people kiddo like that. People with businesses are in a position where they can raise more money for crises than individuals. Additionally, people who whinge about things like this are often people who are contributing nothing themselves, so I get that you have some guilt about that and need someone to blame.

    3. Yeah, but social media just fed everyone their new “outrage program” recently. No one even batted an eye over Crimea or the Donbas War. Everyone needs to be told when and what to get pissed off about. Welcome to Moronland.

  2. Great initiative, but I can’t buy anything from them… Have had their full plugin collection for the last 4 years and not a single new plugin released since! Come on lads, where’s your productivity gone?!

  3. A few days before Russia invades Ukraine, I attempt to purchase the DIY VCA from Erica, in the democratically-elected NATO member state of Latvia, which happens to share a border with Russia. Because Western people and values are so awesome, my bank account cancels the paypal payment and disconnects my bank account from my paypal and won’t let me reconnect it. A few days later, I see Erica is donating money to the Ukraine cause, confirming my suspicions that Erica is, in fact, not embezzling money to Russia and American banks are just exceedingly stupid to stop normal people sending small amounts of money to former Eastern Bloc countries.

  4. I would like to buy those plugins but as a Russian they canceled my visa. Oh yes i have nothing to do with the government nor Putin. Thank you hypocrites!

    1. That’s the problem when a country is run by a dictator – innocent people suffer. I’m sorry to hear you can’t buy these products, Dmitri, but the sanctions are designed to make everybody aware of how corrupt and dangerous Putin is. Many brave Russians are also protesting against the Russian invasion and war, so hopefully Putin won’t be around for much longer and the sanctions can be lifted.

    2. Sorry to hear that you – like so many others right now – are suffering from living under the dictator that runs your country. Thankfully we have finally stopped being hypocrites and discontinued funding his war machine so that hopefully the people of Ukraine can one day live in peace again, and you can buy plugins online with your credit card.

      1. Sorry to point out the obvious:
        Buying from China is pretty much the same as buying from Russia.
        China can end this war, but they won’t.
        They won’t because they can only win. They can win small or they can witn big.
        But win they will, whilst everyone else loses.

        1. Ok good idea. Lets all stop with buying more Behringer crap. :p

          To be more serious. Yes we need to look more in the mirror and buy less shit from China.

  5. Everything the western powers do is righteous and those who do not side with them are evil, right. Were you saying the same on the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and so many Middle East countries, wars started by the US that even UN did not approve. Right, those nations being invaded and destroyed by the western powers are all evil, I almost forgot.

  6. Historically there are few countries that haven’t committed illegal invasions for money or power, the ‘west’ has credibly conducted illegal wars based on ‘their opinion’ that a regime change would be beneficial (usually for them).

    None of that however can justify what Russia has done. We can’t change the past but hopefully we can change the future and every individual must make a choice about how they make a contribution to help who are quite evidently being indiscriminately murdered.

    Russia as a country may struggle to recover from this for decades, its possible the country will collapse economically and the Russian people will suffer….All the (almost 700) McDonalds have now closed, people cant help but notice this in Russia even if the media is controlled.

  7. No, champ, it’s not whataboutism – it’s called hypocrisy. The Evil Empire can bomb the crap out of Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans, Afghans etc. and they get cheered on by the MSM.
    When Russia invades, still wrong (not on the same scale though), people are seen giving heartbreaking interviews outside the remains of their houses…
    Under Obama there was a coup in 2014, when a pro-US government was installed replacing the democratic, Russia-facing government. Since then, weapons have flooded into Ukraine to be used on Russians in Donbas.

    The propaganda machine, started way back by Edward Bernays and taken up enthusiastically by Goebbels, is pumping it out, and people like most of the commenters on here have swallowed it. No dissent is allowed on the MSM.

    This war, like all wars, is bad but that doesn’t mean you have to cheer on Nato or the Azov Brigade (go look it up).

    1. Really? Sure the war in Iraq was not ok but are you denying the fact that guy was killing his own people on a daily basis and had to be stopped? Same with most of those other countries you mention. I wonder why. 😉

      in 2014 Ukrainiers had their land back from Russian involvement. All you do is spreading Russian propaganda with no clue about History. Did you now Kiev is 700 years older than Moscow!

      Putin invaded and he must be stopped, he will be stopped, dead or alive in front of the ICC. And when that happens Russia will also flourish again cause Russians don’t like Putin either.

      You can call America the Evil Empire all you want. At least America has free press. Russia, Iraq, Lybia, etc all have ZERO free press and are or have been operating by dictators not giving a damn about anyone.

      Btw have you any idea what’s going to happen in few months because of this invasion started by Putin? MASSIVE FOOD SHORTAGES IN NORTH AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST. Millions will die because of Putin’s invasion!

    2. Instead of skipping around from topic to topic trying to score some points, why don’t you discuss the coup?
      Why don’t you go into detail and paint a fuller picture?
      Of the West’s involvement, the Russian involvement, what the majority of Ukrainians wanted?
      You complain about MSM but you don’t rise above the low bar you accuse them of.
      Don’t forget to post your sources like a good armchair journalist.
      One thing, well documented and easily observable is Russian influence in Western media. Their RT America had two messages: to drill into viewers: that MSM is fake, and to divide the population by any means (race, political and economic grounds were often used) Russia’s use of social media was just a crude and probably even more effective.
      (sources available)

  8. I do not support NAZIS in the Ukraine or anywhere else.

    The people hyping and selling us this war are the problem, not Putin.

    Why do we have warmongering and war propaganda at an electronic music site???

    Because the ruling class wants it. You really want to pay for it? Do you think making us pay 7 dollars a gallon for gas hurts Putin??? This is a war against US, that means you and I.

    We have our own totalitarians to worry about.

    1. No one’s selling a war, this one’s a freebie courtesy of Putin.
      I remember reading a poll of Americans back in the Gulf wars that showed they generally felt the war justified if it kept gas below $2 a gallon.

      1. Name one mainstream media outlet that doesn’t sell wars, vaccines, drugs, racism, hate and/or the woke agenda.

        Bet you’ll choose Fox . . .

        1. I’ll take my science and my statistics from those who care about getting it right.
          Vaccines are by far the most effective tool against many diseases.
          Only the willfully ignorant can’t see that they’ve made an incredible difference to the fight against Covid.
          It’s a wonderful thing that mainstream media promotes public health measures. A beautiful thing.

          But back on topic. The worst cuprit for hate spreading was RT America.
          Hate went up a notch in the States when Trump got into bed with the Russians.
          ‘Oh that Putin is so savvy.’

  9. What are you, Sonic, if not an ‘armchair journalist’?
    Yes, RT may have had those two aims, but the MSM and RT are both propaganda.
    Of course it’s wrong to invade another country. Are Iraq and Libya are better off now than under their old regimes? Terrible though they were, at least there was infrastructure and society. Remember when they said there were WMD? But it turned out to be a pretext for invasion? So they lied to you?

    Research the following: 1. The Cuban Missile Crisis. 2. Victoria Nuland and Maidan. 3. Nato expansionism. 4. The SBU and Denys Kireev. 5. The Asov Battalion. 6. The rise of white supremecism across eastern Europe. 7. The corporate takeover of governments.

    If all your information comes from MSM, then you will espouse the Official Narrative. Once they control the arguments you’re exposed to, they control your mind. That is propaganda. (Please note: being unplugged from the Matrix can be a disconcerting experience.)

    (Sources available.)

    1. I’ve been ‘unplugged from the matrix’ for decades.
      I see you haven’t bothered to add any detail or argument.
      Spray, spray, spray till something hopefully sticks.
      Your call for me to do the investigating rather than you defend your points of view is alarming.
      It doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you on some things. And I’ve long known who Eddy Bernays is, courtesy of Adam Curtis.
      If you don’t want to discuss the coup, then discuss Asov. Does their existence justify bombing Ukraine’s hospitals? Do you think Ukrainian nationalism will be quashed by the invasion or boosted? Are there better ways to reduce their power, such as strict entry requirements into the EU for their separation from the state?
      What would you chose if you were Ukrainian? EU membership or Russian alignment?
      It doesn’t look so great having Putin as your daddy?
      Maybe you like a strong leader who puts those naughty mainstream media in their place?

      1. It’s not so much a call for you to do the investigating as for you to educate yourself.
        You have an internet in front of you – it’s up to you to use it and apply some critical thinking always. Many warned about this crisis years beforehand. Ukraine was split for a long time. America aimed to exacerbate that fissure for its own geopolitical ends. What we’re seeing now is a result of that.

        Nothing justifies bombing a hospital – where is the outrage at hospitals in Yemen being bombed? (Where is the coverage, for that matter?) Estimates vary, but about 250,000 people have been killed by the US/Saudi/UK assault on Yemen, so far. Way, way worse than Ukraine, yet much, much less exposure on the MSM. I wonder why?

        You don’t seem to have addressed the issue of the Asov Battalion, or Nuland etc. The CIA’s never-ending global regime change agenda. Their operations, over the decades, in South America etc., are numerous and very nasty indeed. There isn’t space to describe it all here.

        Fear, paranoia, control – the mindsets that perpetuate themselves through prosecution of these unending wars. All facilitated by our belief in, and subservience to, systems of hierarchy.

        1. “You don’t seem to have addressed the issue of the Asov Battalion”
          Really? What was I talking about when I wrote:
          “Do you think Ukrainian nationalism will be quashed by the invasion or boosted? Are there better ways to reduce their power, such as strict entry requirements into the EU for their separation from the state?”
          And there you go again: spray, spray, spray.
          Stay on topic, please, and read what I write.

          What was the point of you ‘educating’ yourself on the internet if you can’t provide suggestions for solutions?
          It’s almost like you’re saying ‘I don’t care about Ukraine because Yemen is worse’ or ‘Let them starve in Mariupol ’cause it’s Uncle Sam’s fault’
          Let’s be frank here: what the hell are you doing to right these wrongs that you perceive? Do you give a portion of your monthly household income to Médecins Sans Frontières? Do you do research and development into alternative energy to help wean ourselves off autocrats’ oil supplies?
          Or do you just go round telling everyone to get out the matrix and get an education?

          1. Yes, let’s be frank. What the hell are you doing other than straw-manning me to death?
            I have critiqued the official narrative because I don’t believe it. You seem to have a big problem with that.

            What is this nonsense:

            “Really? What was I talking about when I wrote:
            “Do you think Ukrainian nationalism will be quashed by the invasion or boosted? Are there better ways to reduce their power, such as strict entry requirements into the EU for their separation from the state?””

            Why are you squirming about with questions instead of taking a position on Ukrainian nationalism, based on information available on the internet? It’s there for all to see – nazis in Ukraine. So is the 2014 regime change coup, instigated by the US. But those facts don’t suit your POV, so best just keep taking the MSM soma.

            “Do you give a portion of your monthly household income to Médecins Sans Frontières? Do you do research and development into alternative energy to help wean ourselves off autocrats’ oil supplies?”


            Man, you are brainwashed AF.

            Or maybe I should end with a question?

            1. So I was right: all you do is tell people to get out the matrix.
              ‘Squirming’ Hardly, I made two points (but they were probably a bit too subtle for someone like yourself, who’s so far out of the matrix): 1) I accept that there is a Ukrainian nationalism problem to deal with. 2) I point out that it is state-sponsored.
              Look mate, let’s leave it be. You carry on with your internet based research and telling everyone that they’re brainwashed, I’m sure it’ll work out great for you.

              1. There you go again, ad hominem…

                So I’m not allowed to disagree with the official line, am I? That shows you really are brainwashed lol.

                You were the one castigating me for having the nerve to tell you to do some research. For yourself, on your own initiative – you know what initiative is, right?
                Or maybe it’s alien to you, like critical thinking…

                Keep drinking the Kool Aid, sucker.

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