Roland Intros JUNO-60 Chorus Software Effect

Roland has introduced the JUNO-60 Chorus, a new software effect available through Roland Cloud.

Released in 1982, the JUNO-60 is still popular with musicians today, and big part its character comes from the analog stereo chorus effect. With the JUNO-60 Chorus, Roland has put the sound of this effect in a standalone plug-in for the first time.

The lush stereo chorus in the JUNO-60 was specially tuned to enhance the synth’s single DCO, fat sub-oscillator, and characterful VCF. Players quickly found it to be an essential component of the JUNO’s unique voice.

Like the original hardware, the software version has two push-button chorus modes, plus a third “secret” mode accessed by pressing both buttons at once. Each mode is modeled in meticulous detail, complete with variable analog noise for the full retro experience.

The plug-in is available in VST3, AU, and AAX versions for Mac and Windows DAWs, and native Apple silicon support provides full compatibility with the latest Mac computers.

Pricing and Availability

The Roland JUNO-60 Chorus is available with the Ultimate membership level of Roland Cloud or a $99 Lifetime Key purchase. All paid membership plans start with a 30-day free trial of Ultimate, including the JUNO-60 CHORUS and more.

12 thoughts on “Roland Intros JUNO-60 Chorus Software Effect

  1. €99 for one of the most boring Chorus ever made lol

    The noise wasn’t a feature – it was a flaw in the shitty chips

    If you were lucky enough to have a good one or found decent replacement chips (which are only recently readily available) then the noise was a pain in the hole

    1. The 99$ fee is for annual membership of Roland cloud not just this chorus.
      A “new” Juno chorus from the 70s-80s was without this noise,
      The noise developed with time so it is (by definition) a “retro experience” 🙂

        1. Love it how someone shits on something while the best records were record with it.
          I rather have that worse chorus than anything new by Roland today.

  2. My first synth was a Roland Juno60. That chorus is what made that synth so desirable even today. It was its signature sound.

  3. Its a small bit of Vintage Mania. I can pretty easily build a triple BBD chorus from the FX I have or buy a plug that does the same job for that creamy Solina effect. Its a perfectly legit way to get it if you want it.

    I was dubious about the Roland Cloud early on, but I cautiously bought a couple of lifetime keys and its worked well. With that in mind, I assume that a certain number of Cloud users will be happy to have this. If you’re keen on a Jupiter-8 and a few others, their models are solid and decently priced, IMO. Most of us will own a real JP-8 on the 50th of Yeah Right, so its a fair option.

  4. I would stay clear of Roland Cloud and its products until they get their authorization/licenses figure out (ie offline ability). I bought their JD-800 and it requires another app to connect to Roland’s server every week, or so. The JD is awesome, but their authorization process is soooo horrible. When it is the time to re-authorize it crashes the DAW host on startup, and requires a system reboot to get “unstuck.” They don’t have offline authorization and I’m sure this Juno chorus VST works exactly the same. You have been warned!

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