SYNTHR Intros SYNTHR4 Synthesizer

SYNTHR shared this video to introduce the SYNTHR4, a new synth module from SynthR & Ozoe.

The SYNTHR4 is a four oscillator synth that can be played 4-note paraphonically, duophonically or as a monosynth. It features a built-in sequencer and arpeggiator, interchangeable filters, extensive synthesis options and more.

Here’s what they have to say about it

“This musical piece was recorded with 4 synthr4 tracks, and one midi connected (NR)synth at the end (sequenced), without nothing else more, except little limiter/compressor for youtube.

4 VCOs, 2 filters (8 choices), 3 LFOs, pans, Mono/Paraphonic 4 voices, split mode, powerful mono & poly sequencer, step sequencer (like 960 moog), Arpeggiator, aftertouch mono, patch memories and 2 internal effects (reverb, delays, flanger, phaser, chorus and Shimmer! from Yves Usson), ring mod, 4 portamentos ….”

See the SYNTHR site (French language) for details.

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