23 Free Plugins From ToneBoosters

ToneBoosters has made a collection of VST/AU plugins available as a free download for Mac & Windows.

The collection features the V3 versions of their plugins, including:

Barricade, Broadcast, BusCompressor, Compressor, DeEsser, Dither, EBUCompact, EBULoudness, Equalizer, Evoke, EZQ, Ferox, Fix4, Fix, Gate, Isone, MidSideTransformer, Module, ReelBus, Reverb, Sibalance, TimeMachine, Voice Pitcher

These free plugins are the previous versions of their current plugins, so they do not have the latest features.

See the ToneBoosters site for details.

via AKira

4 thoughts on “23 Free Plugins From ToneBoosters

  1. I just downloaded them yesterday. The image is of one of their newest versions of the plugin. The old stuff looks a lot more like waves plugins. Now they looks like FabFilter/Ozone plugins.

  2. This is quite a gift from ToneBoosters – and this kind of generosity makes me want to invest back to them (and their amazing plugins).

    1. Most of them are quite good to great, especially at free. ToneBoosters (IMO) has always been the best value of quality to price ratio.

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