Sixteen Seconds Delay Reissue Now Available To Preorder

Manecolabs has announced the release of Sixteen Seconds Delay Reissue, which they say is inspired by “the original looping delay from 1983.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The device topology is the same as first digital delays from that era, with an all-analog signal path, pre emphasis and de emphasis, compression and expansion, anti-alias and reconstruction filtering and input output buffering and mixing.

Digital processing is limited only to analog to digital conversion, memory management and storage and digital to analog conversion, all in glorious eight bits.

There’s also an analog triangle Low Frequency Oscillator for modulating delay time/pitch, and a click metronome generator, also analog driven by the memory read circuit, with level and independent output.

Maximum delay time has been increased to 64 seconds, there are toggle switches for slow/fast speed/pitch and reverse playback.

On board footswitches control infinite/freeze from the delay buffer, and bypass for the whole unit. Slider illuminated controls are delay time coarse, delay time fine, sweep rate and depth, clix volume, feedback and mix.”

Pricing and Availability

Sixteen Seconds Delay Reissue is available to pre-order for $699 USD, with a production run limited to 50 units.

9 thoughts on “Sixteen Seconds Delay Reissue Now Available To Preorder

  1. Before watching the video and developing any attachment to this pedal I scrolled down to check the price. I’m glad I did!

    That’s completely an indictment of my budget, not a commentary on the value of the delay.

  2. I wish they spoke a bit more specifically about what RAM chip they’re using for this, or what kind of compander IC is employed. if you’re recreating a piece of “early digital” those differences matter

    1. Static ram chips , 512k x 8 instead of dynamic ram , NE570 compander just like the vintage one , bc850 transistors in filter, lm833 op amps for pre emphasis and deemphasis
      Paypal ok

      1. thank you for providing the technical information! gives me a much better idea of the work you’re doing 🙂

  3. I get it’s niche, boutique, highly specific, but $700 for a delay in a run of 50 really seems like an odd way to manage something this elevated. agree with fessenden too, specifics matter for a precise thing like this. still, very cool! fascinating little bit of gear. definitely outside of my range, but would love to noodle with it

  4. I’ve looked into a purchase. I know this is a legit business, but it just throws too many red flags up. Wire transfer to buy? Sorry. Paypal then? This scares me.

  5. Maneco are legit and have been around for a long time. They are one of the few pedal makers from South America to be doing things beyond just fuzz and overdrive pedals. Their loopers were based in part around the 16 second delay so it is cool to see them go for it with a real tribute pedal.

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