ScaleBud 2 Gives You New Ways To Work With MIDI & Scales On Your iPad

Developer Cem Olcay let us know that they’ve released ScaleBud 2 for iOS, a major update that lets you work with more than 110 scales, unlimited keyboard rows, pattern pages, MIDI keyboard splitting, custom scales and more.

ScaleBud 2 can work as a standalone MIDI controller, or as an AUv3 Audio Unit plugin. You can use the ScaleBud 2’s keyboard rows for controlling your MIDI apps.

You can also use ScaleBud 2 as a MIDI transformer. If you connect a MIDI keyboard to ScaleBud 2, you can control any of your ScaleBud keyboard rows with your hardware MIDI keyboard.

You can assign different MIDI channels, MIDI input ranges and you can transpose the incoming MIDI note’s octave when you use ScaleBud 2 as a MIDI transformer. ScaleBud 2 lets you ‘force’ notes to a scale, and also lets you play chords with one key.

It also lets you split your MIDI keyboard and control multiple keyboard rows from a single hardware MIDI keyboard. For example, you can play chords on the left side of your MIDI keyboard and notes with the right side of your MIDI keyboard.

Pricing and Availability

ScaleBud 2 is available now for $4.99 USD.

2 thoughts on “ScaleBud 2 Gives You New Ways To Work With MIDI & Scales On Your iPad

  1. The “Chords” option only provides triads, 7ths, 9ths, etc. — which are meaningless with many of the scales. I’d prefer it of chords were either editable or failing that, were at least based on some traditional chords (as opposed to arbitrary making triads, etc.)

    The dream tool would provide custom scales and custom chords, ALL fully editable. One could use “factory” content exclusively, or customize as needed, and a “restore factory” option could undo any mayhem. So far, such a tool doesn’t exist.

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