Free Ableton Instruments Feature The Eerie Sound Of The Musical Saw

Sound designer Mike Longo of has shared a free collection of Ableton Live Instruments based on the eerie sound of the bowed or musical saw.

Hand saws can be played as a musical instrument by bowing the edge, creating a haunting vocal sound, similar to the sound of a theremin.

Here’s what Longo has to say about the free Live Instruments:

“A friend of mine named Jessie, who’s in a band called Sugarskull Piledriver/Choosy Moms, has been playing the saw for a little while. I requested at one of their gigs that he bring his saw with him, so I could sample it. We went to the basement of the club and got a few quick samples, and I was able to make some pretty crazy sounding Ableton instruments out of it, that range from haunting to plucky.

I don’t know if you would always think it was the saw as you hear them, but its definitely a unique quality nonetheless. Hope you enjoy it! I’ve been having fun playing around with them and creating some atmospheric ethereal sounds. This jam was whipped up using only the Ableton Saw instruments and a drum rack.”

Pricing and Availability:

The Ableton Bowed Saw Instruments Live Pack is available now as a free download.

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