Ambient Analog Immersive Psychedelia From Synthesists Dave Bessell & Liam Boyle

Synthesist Dave Bessell (Node) shared this 360° immersive psychedelic video, for his new collaboration with composer Liam Boyle, Infinity, from the album Imaginator.

The video is immersive – you can use your mouse to move the point of view around, or view with a VR headset for a full immersive experience. Check the video quality/resolution setting to view in 5k, if your net connection is fast enough.

Boyle has produced a number of film socres for American independent films, as well as recording multiple electronic albums, including Off World and Waveforms. Bessell is a founding member of synth supergroup Node, and has also released a series of solo and collaboration electronic music albums, mainly on DiN records.

Here’s how they describe the new album:

“A compelling release of electronic music on the borders between ambient, soundtrack and Berlin school with wide ranging influences from prog to techno, the Bowie/Eno electronic collaborations, Krautrock, classical and probably some more things that we forgot to list!”

Imaginator is available now via Bandcamp, and you can preview the release via the embed below:

4 thoughts on “Ambient Analog Immersive Psychedelia From Synthesists Dave Bessell & Liam Boyle

  1. When I saw Dave post on here a couple days ago, I was curious if he had anything in the pipeline. His last solo release (Reality Engine) got heavy rotation in my headphones and speakers over the last year or so. Seriously enjoyable stuff. Would check out his collaboration with Parallel Worlds as well. Great work Dave!

    1. Link?

      Node is amazing. I just rewatched their concert DVD, which is pure synth porn. It’s too bad they have not release more music.

      A couple of other modern ‘Berlin School’ groups worth checking out are Brendan Pollard and Arc.

      1. im working on an album, so I will definitely post some links here when im finished… (hopefully by the end of the month)

        yes thanks for the tips im also a huge lover of Node and other modern berlin stuff

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