Arturia Debuts Augmented Series Of Virtual Instruments With Free Augmented String Intro

Arturia today introduced a new line of virtual instruments, its Augmented Series, with the free Augmented Strings Intro.

The Augmented Series is described as “Acoustic Instruments Reinvented” – fusions of sampling, synthesis, and musical expression.

Here’s what they have to say about Augmented STRINGS Intro:

“Augmented STRINGS Intro is a streamlined version of an instrument that combines rich sampled strings with state-of-the-art synth engines in an approachable and inspiring way, giving today’s sound explorers the quickest route to the fresh string sounds they’ve always wanted. Advanced hybrid sounds, instant sound morphing, simple macro controls, and a mix-ready sound – software strings reinvented.”

Pricing and Availability

Augmented Strings Intro is available as a free download through April 30th, 2022.

8 thoughts on “Arturia Debuts Augmented Series Of Virtual Instruments With Free Augmented String Intro

  1. Assuming it’s a cut down version of the full fledged plug-in, yes. It’s marketing essentially, if you like it you might spring for the full edition. Still nice to have.

      1. From Arturia website:
        “Get it for FREE until April 30th and use it forever!
        Explore this special introductory version of our debut Augmented Series instrument via Arturia Software Center and”

      2. The only “strings attached” are the sounds of strings and NO, there is NO “catch”../
        Find it rather odd that anyone would question this FREE software release

  2. I get no sound from it. Either the AU or VST3. Anyone else having this issues. It’s only this plugin for me in Bitwig OSX.

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