Cre8Audio NiftyKEYZ Keyboard Eurorack Case In-Depth Review

In his latest Sonic Lab review, Sonic State’s Nick Batt takes an in-depth look at the new Cre8Audio NiftyKeyZ keyboard Eurorack case.

NiftyKEYZ combines a full-sized 49-key synth-action MIDI controller keyboard with 112hp of space for Eurorack modules, so you can house all-in-one synths like the Moog Mother-32 and use them as keyboards, or create a custom keyboard-controlled modular rig.

“This is actually pretty cool for setting up performance patches and, not withstanding the issues around tuning and dedicated voice control (Osc, VCF, VCA, Envelope), allows for some really complex setups to be created,” says Batt.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the NiftyKeyZ in the comments!

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro and sound demo
02:26 Functions and Top panel connections
03:46 Patch breakdown and voice mode
7:00 connecting modules
08:15 LFO and mod connections
10:34 Voice modes and split
15:20 Arpeggiator and transpose
18:44 Wrap and conclusion

12 thoughts on “Cre8Audio NiftyKEYZ Keyboard Eurorack Case In-Depth Review

      1. The Waldorf was twice the price and didn’t offer polyphonic MIDI CV and the various mults and patch points that the Nifty board does. Howeer, a Keystep + good case is going to be cheaper and larger. I already own the Keystep and can pick up a 208HP Tiptop Mantis for $335. Not much reason to spend $600 on this unless I’m just starting out or desperately want an all-in-one synth (at which point I should probably consider buying a standard keyboard-based instrument).

      2. The Waldorf is Duophonic at best and then has some extra CV outputs. I thought it was rediculously over priced as were the rest of the Waldorf modules. I guess they have a different branding Strategy and market than me and my modular needs. This looks to hit all the marks for a fun polyphonic modular system for whoever wants it – not me – but that’s okay.

  1. Depends what you means it’s not the first try, There was the kb37 and the super37. Non was very successful but maybe this one will.

  2. There’s room for a whole line of products here. 25-, 37-, 61-, 88-key options offering space for more or fewer modules …

  3. Your date comes over, sees this, and thinks “This person is really into synths but it’s under control and not an all-consuming addiction. They will not neglect our future children by obsessing over new modules. Approve.”

  4. I liked the KB37 so much I have 2! With any polyphonic MIDI module such as Doepfer A-190-5 you can have 4 (or even 8) voice polyphony, using the MIDI output of the keyboard. One of my KB37s has a 4 voice polyphonic setup using Doepfer poly modules plus a DIsting EX (using samples or wavetables) over MIDI, with an FX module and mixer, all in the 107HP in the KB. KB37s are built like tanks. The only thing about this new KB that is “better” is 4 octaves rather than 3 IMHO.

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