Elektron Teases Something New

Elektron is teasing something new.

They haven’t shared any details yet, just a playlist of tracks, embedded below:

Here’s what they shared for details for the playlist:

Lend us your ears for slices from an unseen sonic metropolis.


Arkajo – Hyperspace Café
Jimmy Myhrman – Distortion Safari
Joel Lundberg – Kee-RAUT
Lady Starlight – T82
Elin Piel – Vatten
Yann Tiersen – Nivlenn
Baseck – The Enchiridion
The Album Leaf – Opus

All tracks produced exclusively on …

Think you know what they’re introducing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

34 thoughts on “Elektron Teases Something New

    1. I don’t think it’s cables, more like neon lights? so maybe a wavetable?
      It’s definitely a new synth but where all that drums coming from? 🙂

      1. Regardless of the synthesis/sampling method used – every single Elektron (bar the Heat) is either a drum machine or can be used as one

        That it will do drums is pretty much a given

  1. No idea what they’re introducing, but they registered a trademark for SynTakt a while back, so I’m wondering if this is some sort of analog or hybrid synth in the Digitakt format?

  2. Think something along the lines of the MOK Miniraze wave-slicing (virtual) synth, but with granular synthesis capabilities and some killer distortion, delay, and reverb effects.

      1. there’s nothing wrong with the Models:

        They are just boring

        For Elektron to go from making machines like the Octatrack to Models is just a bit of a waste

      2. Youtube videos will prove you wrong. Professional productions released on independent labels will prove you wrong. In the last year I’ve heard A LOT of M:C sounds in electro and IDM productions. Just one example, has M:C all over it:


        I’d say Elektron created with Models a very successful gateway drug to the Elektron Universe.
        So it seems “nobody” is just you 🙂

        1. I did not intended to disrespect the product or your decision to have it but fact remains the sells of the Model series is very low, they yet to took off as expected for some reason and I guess they will never will. I couldn’t care less if something i love is not a best seller but you seems to take it personally for some reason? I guess you have one? low sells does not mean it’s not a good/great/awesome series/product 🙂
          Anyway, my point is it’s most likely you will not see more of this from elektron.

            1. Top seller category of Thomann (or any other shop) is far from being a fact of what is selling, why do you think all of the product in this list are in stock?
              Including Soma Pulsar black/orange/white? in the 6#, 8# and 10# “places”?
              It’s more about what is not 🙂

              1. So you think the best selling products are the ones that aren’t selling because they’re not in stock?

                Alternative facts FTW, dude!

                1. No that will be stupid. This is meaningless argue clearly about somthing you care more to talk about. Don’t call me dude

        2. Nothing you say or print proves either of us wrong

          If you’re point is that a Model:Cycles or Model:Samples is as capable and interesting as any previous Elektrons (MM, MD, OT, A4, Rytm, DT and DN) then that is just wrong

          You can learn everything a Model elektron does in a day – not so for the others. They are far more deep and complex

          It doesn’t make Models shit – it just makes them a non newsworthy event for anyone who’s been into Elektron for a longer time

        3. I just looked up this album and there is a music video of the first song with an octatrack mk 1 and some other kit but there is no model cycles or samples.

    1. I got the Octatrack black coming in the mail Friday. I feel your pain. Let’s just buy this and High 5, even if its another octatrack. I doubt it though.

  3. I have not really been impressed by any products from Elektron since Analog Four. Let’s see if they can change that 🙂

  4. Something that 33% of people will like, 33% of people will think it is too expensive, because it isn’t free, and even if were free, it would be too expensive, and 33% of people will hate, because it isn’t an Octatrack mkIII.

    The tracks that were released will more or less tell you what it is.

  5. I remember U2 teasing about their forthcoming album Achtung Baby album. I was pretty young and it was probably the first and last time a teaser worked on me.

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