Roland Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Get Major Update

Roland has released a major update to the firmware for the Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm synthesizers, adding a new synth model, an improved arpeggiator, probability, double the scenes and presets, and more.

The above video, via gattobus, demonstrates custom scees using the new Jupiter-X synth model.

Here’s what’s new in Ver. 3.0:

  • Additional Functions
  • The model “JUPITER-X” has been newly provided as a preloaded model – The model “JUPITER-X” is a new model that takes the model “JUPITER-8” as its motif and is designed with the aim of achieving the ideal analog synthesizer configuration. Through such moves as adoption of four oscillators, seven types of waveform selection, implementation of oscillator pan and oscillator delay, adoption of a variety of velocity sense functions, and more, this provides new vintage synth expressiveness that transcends the boundaries of vintage synths.
  • The functionality of I-ARPEGGIO has been extended.
    • I-ARP TYPE setting values have been increased from 55 to 65 (10 more) and I-ARP RHYTHM setting values have been increased from 44 to 65 (21 more).
    • Mode switching has been added to enable easy switching of simple arpeggios and step sequencers for each individual part.
    • It is now possible to change styles and variations for each individual part by using I-ARP and the ARP mode.
    • A Probability function has been added. This makes it possible to assign a probability to the sound production of each note, and also enables changing its extent through interlinking with I-ARPEGGIO.
  • New preset sound content has been added (scenes and tones).
    • The number of scenes and the number of user tones have both been increased from 256 to 512.
  • Functionality Improvement
    • Various improvements to the user interface have been made.
    • When setting parameter values, a value list can now be displayed by pressing the [ ENTER ] button.
    • The structure of the view displayed when the [ MENU ] button is pressed has been reorganized.
    • The naming screens for scenes, tones, and the like have been improved.
    • The order of Z-Core Tone parameters has been reorganized.

See the Roland site for the new firmware for the Jupiter-X or Jupiter-Xm.

9 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Get Major Update

  1. Guess that’s great for owners of the Jup X makin’ that kit almost as usable Jup 8 for ready made found sounds but grooves & templates but as far as delving into deep sound design exploration capabilities there’s still alot to be desired IMHO & I’m a Roland guy with Alpha Juno 2, JP8k, JX-8P, S-10, S-760 & TR-505. Their latest preset stuff seems a bit sterile & redundant maybe this new firmware will change that a little & it might be auh different story for users who know what they want (what they really really want?!) folks

  2. … already bursting at the seams they pump more into it …

    Would prefer to have one comprehensible and focused synth engine then numerous cryptic emulations.


  3. This synth sounds great but the UX is terrible – way too complicated and confusing with multiple edit modes – and even more incomprehensible when you get into the specific synths that have odd limitations.

    Roland need to hire a UI/UX designer for their synths (take a leaf from the Nord Wave 2 for example).

    1. Podarená aktualizácia kláves je trochu komplikovanejší ale ak si ?lovek zvykne tak už je to fajn zvuk má neuverite?ný

  4. I’m with Richard about the UI. I’ve owned several Rolands and they were all troopers, but in this case, its like trying to untangle Christmas lights. Indicator lights that are all white regardless of mode are one small stink here, for example. Korg’s Opsix benefits from its colored ones.

    That said, you don’t need to know it to the bone to make use of its higher points. The Xm is just a module to me. I’d never use those keys for anything but data entry or quickie sound checks. My view is to love how the X compliments anything else you have, with all those XV sounds and most of their digital pianos.

    At one point, my stack contained Korgs, Ensoniq samplers, a Roland Juno-2, S-10 sampler and my prize, an RSP-550 effects rack mount. They were all nice alone, but they really took off together. This synth holds down almost all of the Roland chairs at once, in a tidy box. At that size, I’ll bet the Xm is a hit in Japan.

  5. If you are like me and don’t pay much attention to small print in lots of different articles you need to read to understand this kit… here is a couple of useful pointers:-
    1. At present the editor librarian does not work with V3, but this will be temp hopefully.. For me the editor is the best way to set up your scenes so it’s a big loss.
    2. Probably slightly more obvious…. back up any user tones and scenes before you update, because you have to do a factory reset on user data to get the new scenes. IF you haven’t backed up, you will lose everything you have created.
    Once you’ve done this you can then import your old scenes back in.

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