Free Deluge Update Adds Wavetable Synthesis, MPE Support, Euclidean Sequencing And More

Synthstrom Audible has released Deluge 4.0, a free major update that adds wavetable synthesis, MPE support, Euclidean sequencing and more.

Here’s what’s new in Deluge 4.0:

  • Wavetable synthesis, and improved single-cycle waveform playback.
  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), and similarly MIDI polyphonic aftertouch. The Deluge can receive MPE from external MIDI controllers that support it, it can record this data, and the internal Deluge synths can respond to it. And this MPE data may also be output again to an external synth.
  • Euclidean sequencing – per row of a clip on the Deluge. This also means that now individual rows within a clip may be set to different lengths.
  • Sequences can be set to play in reverse, or to ping-pong.
  • Synths, kits and songs may be put into folders, and the user can browse these when saving and loading.
  • MIDI input devices (and to a limited extent output devices) may be differentiated and treated separately, so that two devices sending on the same MIDI channel won’t be confused.
  • Improved handling of regular MIDI pitch bend and channel pressure. Adjustable MIDI pitch bend ranges.
  • Sharing presets along with their audio files, with other Deluge users, is now easier.

Details on the update are available at the Synthstrom Forum.

4 thoughts on “Free Deluge Update Adds Wavetable Synthesis, MPE Support, Euclidean Sequencing And More

  1. I’m a few years into my relationship with deluge and I don’t see us having a breakup any time soon. For me it is the perfect sequencer for external gear, plus the sampling is very capable. Amazingly it is also a fantastic groove box with battery, sampling mic, even a toy speaker. Long sequences? Time stretch? 10,000BPM? MIDI host? yep. yep. yep. It even records and plays back CC and program changes. Now with this update I may even look at its synthesis capabilities more seriously.

    1. I agree. It’s the one box I never even thought of selling. This and the op-1. I got GAS and a good paying job so I try a lot of new and used gear. Been around the block with electron, also, Korg, novation and the like. The deluge hooked me from day one. I’ve used it with my modular, I’ve dumped all my drum samples on it and spend days making kits. I’ve arranged full songs, and live looped. I’ve even used it to sequence in a daw so I still had a tactile experience with a piano roll. It’s crazy how good it is a keep getting better. When I tried the Euclidean sequencer in beta, i now had some new arsenal in sequencing. With all the gear out there, the deluge is my #1.

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