Profree-4 Open Source Hardware Synthesizer Now Available On Kickstarter

Japanese development team PikoPiko Factory has launched a Kickstarter project to support development of the Profree-4 open source synthesizer.

Profree-4 is an original synth design, based on the voice circuitry of the Sequential Prophet-5. Unlike the original, it’s a mini-synth, features MIDI support, can run on batteries, can be used as a keytar and has a built-in speaker for mobile use.

After development, all technical information of Profree-4 will be provided under the “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.International” license. This means that anyone can build, make and sell the Profree-4.

See the project site for details.

via Andreas Markusen

12 thoughts on “Profree-4 Open Source Hardware Synthesizer Now Available On Kickstarter

    1. I’m critical of this project and open about my disappointment in this kickstarter, but lets be fair and accurate; but these projects are not associated at all. PikoPiko has nothing to do with the synthex campaign.

      1. For clarification, by “they,” I was speaking in generalities. I did not mean the same people involved with this mini-key Prophet 5 looking synth.

  1. I’m really confused this Kickstarter campaign is even for. This instrument seems to be practically fully designed. When practically $10,000 is being asked for, the developer needs to be more transparent about what the funds will be used for; especially when it seems like so much of the money will go to fulfilling the pledges.

    1. Where did you see $7,000? That’s not the projected asking price, is it? That can’t be per synth when/if it becomes available? Did you mean $700? There’s no way anyone would pay 7 grand for this synth with mini keys when a Sequential Prophet 10 can be had for thousands less.

      1. look at the tiers; ONE is available for $9000. 5 full parts kits (including keyboard and case) are available for ~$5000 each. PCB board kits (without components and no clear source on where to get a keyboard for it) start at $775. Expected delivery in 2024 (yes, two ears from now).

        The asking price may be more fair later, but right now its pretty bonkers.

  2. love the mini key / mini synths. I only do eurorack these days but the ones with the mini keys always tempt me.

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