PolyChain DIY Lets You Polychain Up To Eight Instruments

Developer Tim Shoebridge has introduced PolyChain DIY, a MIDI utility that lets you poly-chain together up to eight separate instruments simultaneously.

Instruments can be hardware synths, electronic keyboards, samplers, grooveboxes, multi-timbral sound sources, even soft synths running as a VST in your DAW. If you can connect to the instrument via MIDI from your computer then PolyChain DIY can control it.

You can choose from four different poly-chain algorithms, create poly-chain zones across your keyboard, transpose your instruments, set their priority, control pan spread across your instruments as well as other basic sound attributes, if your synths have suitable support via MIDI CC automation.

Note: PolyChain DIY is a module for Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular. Voltage Modular runs on Windows and Apple Mac, both as a standalone application and as a VST plugin for your DAW. Modules can be purchased and downloaded using Voltage Modular’s online store. Voltage Modular itself is free to download.

Pricing and Availability

PolyChain DIY is available now for $39.00.

4 thoughts on “PolyChain DIY Lets You Polychain Up To Eight Instruments

    1. Sounds not only unfair, but obnoxious. I’m presume a lot of time, care, and intelligence went into creating this. Unless you could make your own, in an hour or two, $39 seems like quite a reasonable price to me.

  1. Lets say i have 8 monophonic synths. Can it be set up to play different notes On each one of them (chords)?. Thanks In advance

    1. Yes, exactly. If the synths are exactly the same (playing exactly the same patch), you will have an insanely expensive polysynth. If the synths are different models, things get more interesting.

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