New Music For Modular – Hélène Vogelsinger’s ‘Patch Notes’

The Vinyl Factory has announced a new limited-edition vinyl release from French composer and sound designer Hélène Vogelsinger, recorded as part of FACT’s Patch Notes series.

Hélène Vogelsinger’s Patch Notes features two modular synth tracks, recorded live inside an abandoned castle in France.

Here’s what Vogelsinger has to say about the recordings:

“The installation and the recording session are always a process within the process, which takes a few hours. Technically it requires a good organisation: three modular cases and hundred of cables, a generator, a camera, lights and again so many cables,” she says.

“It is something really intense, especially in those types of abandoned places, where you have to avoid a lot of obstacles. I love the fact that they have layers of stories and histories, with different occupants, often crossing times, and always full of beautiful and melancholic poetry.”

Hélène Vogelsinger’s Patch Notes is available to pre-order in an edition of 1000, with an expected release date of 5/20/22.

4 thoughts on “New Music For Modular – Hélène Vogelsinger’s ‘Patch Notes’

  1. This was released 18 months ago (Nov 2020). I thought it sounded familiar, since I play Helene’s music a lot.

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