New Step Sequencer For iOS & Mac, OODA, Features Generative ‘Wormholes’

OODA is a MIDI step sequencer, available for iOS & Mac, that features interactive and semi-generative controls.

What makes OODA unique is that you can connect arbitrary steps together using conditional “wormholes” to add structured (or random) variation to your sequences.

Another unique feature is that OODA’s underlying model is decoupled from its voices. This allows you to interact with your sequences and create melodic variations in real time, without affecting your groove.


  • Record sequences up to 64 steps with the in-app keyboard or an external MIDI device
  • Interact with your sequence on the fly using four “action” buttons
  • Link together steps using conditional wormholes to create structure and variation
  • Create complex patterns of melody and rhythm using four independent voices
  • Change voice speed independent of sequencer speed
  • Comes with ten factory presets to give you an idea of what OODA is capable of
  • Explore a deep, yet focused set of parameters
  • Sequencer Settings
  • Grid size (4×4 or 8×8)
  • Sync voices to sequencer rate
  • Sequencer rate
  • Sequencer direction
  • Shift amount (semitones)
  • Live toggle rests and skips
  • Wormhole Patcher
  • Conditionally “reroute” your sequence by connecting arbitrary steps
  • Per-step wormholes
  • Destination and normal steps per wormhole
  • Trig conditions and probability for moving through each wormhole (see below for list)
  • Voice Settings
  • Four voices with independent settings
  • Enable/disable
  • Rate of play (in beat time from 16 bars to 32nd T)
  • Includes unique note values based on the Golden Ratio for maximum generative fun!
  • Length of note (10% to 100%)
  • Variety of rules for selecting notes from active step (see below for list)
  • Pitch offset
  • Unique pattern control for creating rhythms and polymeters, now with step options
  • Easily add holds, ties, accents (positive and negative), ratchets, and trig conditions
  • MIDI velocity and channel
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Use in a compatible audio unit host like AUM, or in standalone mode
  • Control multiple instruments at once with five MIDI outputs
  • One for all voices together, and one for each voice by itself
  • Sync to the tempo of other devices using Ableton Link or MIDI clock (standalone)
  • Send MIDI clock to external synths (standalone, experimental feature)
  • Connect to Bluetooth MIDI devices
  • Modulate OODA’s parameters in a compatible AUv3 host (audio unit)
  • Eight unique MIDI CC outputs derived from OODA’s sequencer model
  • Sequencer X, Sequencer Y, Sequence Phase, Action OR, and per-voice random
  • Includes macOS app

Ooda Video Tutorials:

Pricing and Availability

OODA is available now for $7.99.

7 thoughts on “New Step Sequencer For iOS & Mac, OODA, Features Generative ‘Wormholes’

  1. Nice concept and user interface, but it doesn’t shine in the video. Subsequent videos go into more depth on different features, but they all feature a lot of talking and very brief musical demonstrations that don’t let the sequencer shine. Developers should consider doing some jam-session type presentations where he engages with it musically, exploring more elaborate sequences and applying to things like drums, leads, basslines and so on. Using the same muted marimba/electric piano sound in every example makes it sound like a programmable windchime rather than a performance tool and drained my initial enthusiasm.

    1. Actually, I think that demonstrating the sequencer without background bulls**t make it easier to focus on what the sequencer is doing as opposed to being distracted by the “music”. The way I see it is if you can’t see how the sequence might fit your workflow without having examples, you probably wouldn’t be happy with it, anyway.

    2. I agree that the same lamish sound in every example is a bit off-putting. But not so that it did not make me realize that this is indeed a game changing sequencer, that is fully developed and not just quick barely finished ideas that don’t get expanded, as the competition of xxxxBUD sequencers always are.

      I hit that buy button somewhere in the fourth video, wind-chimes or not.
      it s sequencer you know, i can sort of imagine using it with other sounds. Like bass. Or O- Coast…

  2. Ok so I dropped £6.99 on the Mac version. It’s stand alone but pretty straight forwards to use with Live. Had it sequencing vst kontact synths simultaneously with a minilogue xd I’ve only scratched the surface but it looks like it’s got a lot of fun to offer for 6.99

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