Bitwig Studio 4.3 Adds New Convolution & Delay Effects & More

Ahead of Superbooth 2022, Bitwig has announced Bitwig Studio 4.3, with a convolution device for real and imagined spaces, a new delay  and more.

Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio 4.3:

A new device, Convolution, can take any sound anywhere. All convolutions imprint your sound with an “impulse,” and Bitwig’s comes ready-made with 270 of them, ranging from 12th-century cathedrals and legendary studio effects to more abstract “environments.”

Delay+ is Bitwig’s latest boutique audio effect. By balancing familiar controls along with a few thoughtful new ones, Delay+ can either add a little character or fully transform your sound as it ping-pongs along. Set the delay in seconds or beats, then nudge each channel a few milliseconds for instant stereo. Pick from five Blur options to go from a lightly animated feedback to a full, blown-out reverb. A Ducking control keeps things under control by quieting your delay cloud when strong signals arrive.

Two modules are new. Union is an oscillator that plays it straight, blending three waveshapes into one pleasant, drifting output. And for filtering, Low-pass MG honors Mister Moog by imitating both his classic filter and mix buss.

But plenty of other features have also arrived. Low-pass SK filter is now Sallen-Key, with 16 modes on tap. Our Comb filter gained a Damping control for a touch of finesse. ADSR and two other envelopes now have added modes for Digital precision, or Analog simplicity and feel. Plus all filters get a Q Limit to rein in their resonance, and all oscillators have more phase mod range for more brittle, digital sounds. So whether starting a sound in Polymer or growing a world in The Grid, new sounds are at hand.

As always, a few more new features came along for the ride. For example, FX tracks now have sends of their own. And yes, direct feedback routings are available — and clearly labeled (Achtung!). And the ADSR module gets a lot of use, so why not add a “bias” out port for a bipolar signal that centers around sustain? Good for pitch or anything that might want a little drift.”


Bitwig Studio 4.3 is now in beta and can be tested by anyone with a Bitwig Studio license and an active Upgrade Plan.

5 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio 4.3 Adds New Convolution & Delay Effects & More

  1. For me (with Bigwig since V1) this is the least interesting (and smallest) update so far…a better reverb was nesseseery but perhaps not a major headline feature for an update.

    1. Doesn’t seem TOO strange for a point release; my guess is it has to do with Superbooth, though.
      New Delay is cool; new Reverb definitely welcome.

    2. To each their own.
      I find that the Convolution module is deep enough that it fulfills the “update quotient”. And there are other niceties or “quality of life” improvements like the comments, the new SK filter modes, and some UI tweaks (like the way control surfaces or the clearer distinction between “Active” and “Enable”).
      I feel it’s similar to the Holiday update, a couple of years ago, when they added a Vocoder. Can’t remember what else was new. Just felt like a gift.

      To me, 4.2 was quite significant because it’s when they ”dropped the second shoe” on their Grid strategy. So this one is “smaller” by comparison. Yet it doesn’t feel out of scale with previous updates. (I have less experience than you do, having jumped on full BWS at 2.0, from the version 1.6 behind 8-Track, at the time.)

  2. they do seem to be seeking to justify their subscription-lite pricing model, which is fine

    the program is good… more progress on that is good too

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