Erica Synths Syntrx II Takes EMS Synthi AKS Concept Into The Future

Superbooth 2022: Erica Synths has introduced the Syntrx II, an update to their Syntrx synth that takes the EMS Synthi AKS concept into the future.

While the Syntrx II is inspired by the classic EMS Synthi AKS design, it features stable oscillators, new synthesis options, a digital patch matrix, patch recall, a built-in sequencer, effects and more.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Based on lessons learned from the SYNTRX, we decided to create an instrument which would integrate even deeper into contemporary electronic and experimental music setups and cover sonic territory from daunting drones to powerful basslines and glitched noisescapes.

The SYNTRX II is the culmination of our analogue sound design circuits – two perfectly stable main oscillators with waveshapers, a versatile multimode filter, supercharged external instrument inputs with an envelope follower, a unique, great sounding ringmodulator, a recordable joystick and built in piano roll sequencer, all arranged around our signature matrix mixer and topped off with powerful FX on our new DSP platform. Introducing The SYNTRX II – a new dark horse for experimental sonic rides.”


  • Two stable main oscillators with CV controlled waveforms
  • Modulation oscillator with variable waveforms
  • Highpass and Lowpass filters in series
  • Free running or gate synced sample and hold circuit
  • Multi-colour noise generator
  • DC coupled instrument inputs with signal inversion and envelope follower
  • Ringmodulator of unique design
  • Looping trapezoid envelope generator and VCA
  • Two output VCAs
  • Signal meter with a dedicated audio/CV output
  • FX section with great sounding Delay and Reverb
  • Recordable Joystick Analogue patch matrix with 3 attenuation levels in each patch point
  • 254 patch memory
  • Piano roll sequencer
  • Two CV inputs
  • Gate input
  • DIN5 MIDI Input (CV and Gate) and MIDI Thru
  • Two assignable outputs
  • Headphone output

Pricing and Availability

The Erica Synths Syntrx II is expected to be available Summer 2022, priced at 1800 EUR (VAT excl.)/ $2179 USD.

6 thoughts on “Erica Synths Syntrx II Takes EMS Synthi AKS Concept Into The Future

  1. Having been the owner of two Synthi AKSs back in the day, both procured as new for about $1200, I’d say that the price is about $1000 too high. Yes there has been inflation, but except for the cost of actual historically relevant synths, the overall trend in the last 50 years is for electronics equipment to continually devalue as the price of components decreases. Who, today, would pay what a Synclavier or Fairlight originally cost for a sampler/synth of equal capability? Paying nearly double for a synth with capabilities not too different than its 50 year old predecessor did when it was new is ridiculous, no matter what a vintage Synthi would cost today! I’ll hold my nose and continue to use Arturia’s Synthi V, thank you.

    1. Except that Synthi AKS are priced new at $7500 now, and vintage models go for nearly twice that, and the Syntrx’s capabilities run circles around the original.

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