Korg NTS-2 Oscilloscope & Patch & Tweak With Korg Bundle

Korg, in collaboration with noted publisher Bjooks, has announced the Nu:Tekt NTS-2, a DIY oscilloscope & multifunction tool for musicians; and Patch & Tweak with Korg, the latest book in the popular Patch & Tweak series.

The NTS-2 Kit and the book were conceived and developed to complement each other, providing not only fundamental knowledge, but also the tools to “guide and inspire synth lovers through their music journey”.

The Nu:Tekt NTS-2 is a DIY multifunctional tool for musicians. Building on a 4-channel oscilloscope that makes it easy to monitor and analyze audio and Control Voltage signals alike, the NTS-2 also includes a flexible waveform generator and spectrum analyzer, as well as tuner functions.

Patch & Tweak With Korg is a comprehensive guide to semi-modular synthesis and the music that it has inspired, presented with a focus on the MS-20 Mini, the groundbreaking volca modular, the reimagined ARP 2600 M, and the SQ-1 and SQ-64 sequencers. Dozens of tutorials, tips, and tricks cover everything from the basics to advanced sound design methods.

The book also features interviews with famous and emerging artists, insights from KORG and ARP engineers, and detailed timelines of KORG synthesizers and ARP’s legendary keyboards.

The book also features a wide variety of tips and tricks that use the NTS-2’s many functions.

NTS-2: The modern musician’s Swiss Army knife

The NTS-2 is an oscilloscope, tuner, FFT, and spectrum analyzer. And, using its dual stereo IN, dual stereo THRU/OUT, and two separate OUTPUTs, you can wire it into your synth rig and use its dual waveform generators to give yourself an extra pair of oscillators or LFOs.

The oscilloscope, a tool for visualizing signals and voltages, has been around for many years – but as scientific instruments, they might not seem like something a musician could easily use. The NTS-2 is an oscilloscope designed with the musician in mind. The NTS-2’s interface is simple, clean, and easy to use; rather than twiddling knobs and trying to understand obscure parameters, you can look at your signals and understand them in a matter of seconds. That way, your artistic focus can remain where it belongs: on making your music.


  • 4 CHANNEL OSCILLOSCOPE – With its dual stereo inputs, you can study up to four signals at once, comparing and overlapping them with ease. A variety of display modes let you see your data in color.
  • FFT / SPECTRUM ANALYZER – To further dive into analyzing any signal, the NTS-2 also comes with a dedicated FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) mode with a real-time Spectrum Analyzer.
  • DUAL WAVEFORM GENERATOR – The flexible Wave Generator mode has 2 oscillators with dedicated outputs, so you can test your synth rig or just get creative! Each oscillator can create a variety of waveforms – sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and noise – whose shape and phase can be adjusted to suit many applications.
  • These sounds can be used in the audio range or as control voltage sources, and they can be set to cycle continuously or act as one-shot impulses; that means you can turn them into LFOs, envelopes, triggers, and control voltage generators, as well as sound sources.
  • TUNER – coming from KORG, this multi-functional utility kit wouldn’t be complete without a precise and easy-to-use Tuner with multiple display modes.

The NTS-2 offers plenty of ways to connect to your studio, despite its small footprint. Besides its 4-channel input and dual waveform output features, its dual stereo THRU/OUT ports let you leave it wired into your system. This handy function lets you maintain your signal flow at all times – even when the NTS-2 has been powered off.

See the Korg site for details.

12 thoughts on “Korg NTS-2 Oscilloscope & Patch & Tweak With Korg Bundle

  1. Greeeeeat. I want the oscilloscope but have no need for the book. I’ll wait for someone to sell the NTS-2 on ebay in a year.

    1. Or, if what you want is an oscilloscope, maybe just buy an oscilloscope? No need to wait since ebay is already full of em, and no book to consume your waste bin.

  2. Saw that it’ll be released in August. No pricing, no sign up sheet, limited run, only sold by Korg…somewhere. Guess it’s a free-for-all for the trillions that want the Mordax Data by Korg.

  3. Or, Korg and many other synth makers could incorporate a screen and these features into any synth for a fraction of the cost. Funny how this becomes a wonderful addition, yet so many complain about having to stare at a screen. As though they are compelled to do so if a screen exists.

    1. Kinda have to if the functionality exist in the screen. Some mod matrix’s are only in the screen, some lfo shapes onle exist in the screen. Imagine any Elektron without a screen or not looking at the screen. I’ve always wanted an oscilliscope, just not one of those legit ones on amazon. I’ve considered throwing my Mordax Data in a tiny case just to run audio through it but then id have to figure out the cables, levels, etc. This looks pretty sweet and inexpensive. I’ll take the book to support the cause and go with my Patch and tweak.

  4. I bought a proper modern Rigol scope a few years ago (4ch) to use with Eurorack
    It had far too many functions not really that relevant to Eurorack use
    The fan on the back of the thing made it unusable for audio (Beware!)

    This looks great, love these books as well.

  5. pre-order for the bundle in Australia is $349 (excluding shipping).
    I bought a 100MgHz digital 4 channel ‘scope’ last year for $649. It shipped for free.
    I think I’ll buy a PS5 instead.

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