Drambo Modular Groovebox Gets Free Major Update To Version 2.0

BeepStreet has released version 2.0 Drambo, a major free update to the modular groovebox for iOS.

Version 2.0 features UI/Workflow refinements, a full-blown clip launcher and piano roll, additional modules, parameter automation recording, clip p-locks and more.

Here’s what’s new in Drambo 2.0:

  • Major Features:
    • Redesigned user interface and improved workflow
    • Song arranger / clip launcher
    • Parameter automation recording
    • Advanced curve editor / designer with cubic Bezier curves and various drawing tools
    • Piano roll and 7 detailed step sequence editors, auto-advance step recording mode (rest/tie style)
    • Sequence navigation bar with loopable sections per clip
    • Custom clip length and speed, clip p-lock, auto-grow recording
    • Stems recording
    • Customizable on-screen keyboard with scales
  • Other Changes:
    • Maximum polyphony increased to 16 voices
    • Drag’n’drop samples, clips and patterns
    • Clip lock – lock parameters on a clip
    • Library window search
    • File manager
    • Overlay layer: Audio Units may be shown as floating / resizable windows
    • One of many step component – picks one note from a chord randomly
    • Controls can be hidden in a folded rack
    • Morph module – morph or modulate multiple parameters in the rack
    • Wavetable oscillator module: Wave effect module: new modes, Wave motion module, Wave vocoder module
    • Gate declicker module
    • PC generator module
    • MIDI strum generator module
    • Buttons module
    • FDN module – advanced feedback delay network
    • MIDI learn: you may assign the same CC to multiple targets

Here’s a full walkthrough from Ben Richards:

Pricing and Availability

BeepStreet Drambo v2.0 is available now for $19.99.


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10 thoughts on “Drambo Modular Groovebox Gets Free Major Update To Version 2.0

  1. Fabulous free update to what was already one of the most fun and powerful iOS music making apps. If you want a portable studio look no further…

  2. One of the best all around Groove Box and Music Making apps on any platform, just got even better and more fun! Loving this update so much!

  3. $2000 for Drambo! And you’ve got to buy an iPad for $300. That makes $2300 for a complete portable studio.
    FFS, I could get an OP-1 Field for less……….

    Ooops….my mistake…it’s $20 for Drambo.

    1. HaHa !
      its only 200 times more powerfull too.
      and more portable

      i had not responded to the new op1 sillyness untill now

      could not resist

      i think its ridiculous
      i owned one (original)
      i hated it

      totally unrelated: I went over to patchstorage.com where free drambo patches are shared. just the first entry i saw is someones 303 emulation patch. Impressed,

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