Behringer Model 15, The ‘Boog Grandmother’, First Look

Behringer today shared a sneak preview and audio demo for their upcoming Model-15 semi-modular Eurorack synthesizer.

The Behringer Model 15 copies the design of the Moog Grandmother and translates it into Eurorack format.

The Model 15 features dual oscillators with 4 waveforms, oscillator sync, pulse-width modulation and a sub-oscillator. Other features include a step sequencer, allowing for 3 separate, 256-step memory slots, key transpose and multiple playback modes.

The synth also features a spring reverb emulation, 48 points for modular connectivity, integration with external equipment and 37 controls for real-time access to key parameters.

Pricing and Availability

No release date for the Behringer Model 15 has been announced. The company says that, “As soon as we receive the chips required to put this into production, MODEL-15 will ship immediately.” Pricing is expected to be about $329 USD.

24 thoughts on “Behringer Model 15, The ‘Boog Grandmother’, First Look

  1. With all these products queue’d up, once Behringer gets their chips, there will be another chip shortage.

  2. You have to wonder what the design meetings at Behringer are like. “Good morning, team! Company X’s product seems to be selling really well. Any ideas how we could compete?”

      1. TimS – you finally moved on from complaining about calling Behringer’s products ‘knockoffs’….. and now you’re hyping their knockoff business model.

          1. Really? Chiara’s comment isn’t a personal attack? Yet my far more innocuous comment is deleted as a “personal attack?”

            1. TimS

              We expect that Synthtopia readers will understand that, while we will delete personal attacks, we do not try to protect you from criticism or from comments that you may find disagreeable.

              tldr version;

              Don’t waste the admin’s time.

  3. Not a bad synth, for those wanting Moog Grandmother and having a tiny budget it’s a cool little box. But the demo is terrible, the kick especially is beyond terrible, a melodic only demo would be way better! Behringer, hire a sound designer!

  4. I wish Behringer went bankrut so this shameful and “one after the other” ripp off cold Stop! This is criminal!

    The only Beehringer product that I bought 20years ago was a pair of headphones and they were pure crap!!
    This company started by coping great Mackie products and decades later is still doing the same but on a multipe level now. They should be arrested!
    When you squeeze the orange the only juice you get is a half dozen guys getting very rich and chinese economy growing and Europe and America going down in favour of comunism!
    Imagine this on other thousands of companies!?
    Behringer brought nothing to the musical game/industry, whatever you want t call it. They sell cheap products because they are shitty products!

    ps – Credit has to be given to companies like Arturia, Novation, Sequential, Moog, Korg etc, etc,,, for bringing innovative products instead of making cheap replicas that most of professional don’t use.

    1. If you’ve watched Behringer copy things for the last ~20 years, then this shouldn’t surprise you. They’ve survived this long doing it, I wouldn’t hold out hope that they’re going to change their business model. If you want “innovative” products, stop expecting them from Behringer.

    2. Not totally like that, most of vintage synths only exists for a handful of rich people, mostly not musicians but collectors and lovers of blip blips sound. How could I play that strings vocoder from Roland?

  5. Mood Model D = 5,000$ me no have.
    Poly D = 500$ me can afford. As good? No. Does it sound amazing? YES!!!

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