Steve Roach Live Ambient Church Performance On June 4 In New York

Synthesist and ambient artist Steve Roach let us know about his upcoming “Ambient Church” live performance in New York City.

Steve Roach is a pioneer of contemporary electronic music, with a career spanning four decades and close to 150 albums. Roach takes inspiration from the Earth’s landscapes, especially his western desert home, and creates soundscapes, using an expansive array of electronic and acoustic instruments.

Highlights of his work include 1984’s Structures from Silence, 1988’s Dreamtime Return and 2003’s Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces (parts 1-4), and collaborations with Kevin Braheny, Michael Stearns, Robert Rich and many others.

Steve Roach’s premiere New York City performance will be accompanied by an immersive, architecturally-mapped light performance.

Ambient Church organizes multimedia events in non-traditional spaces. According to The New Yorker, their events feature “Expertly curated programs of meditative, devotional, and minimal avant-garde electronic music, paired with stunning 3D-mapped projections, covering the church’s interiors with gently undulating New Age visuals…”

Here’s an example of one of Roach’s recent live performances:

Event Details:

Ambient Church presents Steve Roach in New York City
Church of the Heavenly Rest
1085 5th Avenue New York, NY 10128
Saturday, June 4, 2022
Doors 7pm. Show 8pm.

A longstanding leader in contemporary electronic music, composer and multi-instrumentalist Roach draws on the beauty and power of the Earth’s landscapes to create lush, meditative soundscapes. Throughout his decades-long career, he’s explored styles ranging from tribal rhythms to deep space music, and he’s proven to be an enormous influence on several generations of ambient artists, trance producers, and new age/world music fusionists.

Drawing from a vast, unique and deeply personal authenticity, his albums are fueled by the momentum of a lifetime dedicated to the soundcurrent. Always reaching towards what’s next on the horizon, Roach is an artist operating at the pinnacle of his artform, driven by a passion and unbroken focus enhancing the emotive, soul-stirring depth of his music. Woven from all things electric and organic, his innovative world of sound has been nourished by years of transcendent concerts worldwide.

Tickets are available now at the event site.

Steve Roach Portrait Credit: Frank Beissel

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