ShiftBud Is A Turing Machine Style Sequencer For iOS & Mac

Developer Cem Olcay has introduced ShiftBud, a random looping generative MIDI sequencer, based on the Turing Machine Eurorack module by Tom Whitwell.

ShiftBud works based on the 16-bit shift register chips, where it shifts its value on each sequencer step. However, you can lock the sequence in a desired length if you fully rotate the chaos knob to the left or right. If you introduce low amount of chaos, then the sequence “flips” occasionally and generates evolving sequences. You can also produce random values if set higher amount of chaos.

The MIDI note generation can be in more than 110 scales, plus custom ScaleBud 2 scales. You can set the octave range, velocity or velocity randomness as well.

You can set the higher and lower bounds on MIDI Control Change generation, as well as the CC number you want to control. It’s very useful on modulating synth parameters and you can even modulate the ShiftBud’s AU parameters as well.

You can create unlimited pattern pages on the lower left corner of the app and you can select the pattern with MIDI CC messages as well.

Pricing and Availability

ShiftBud is available now for $4.99 USD.

One thought on “ShiftBud Is A Turing Machine Style Sequencer For iOS & Mac

  1. take the ‘based on Turing’ with a bog spoon of salt.
    the last app from this dev, ‘ based on Renee sequencer’ is also super primitive.
    quantity not quality
    no updates and improvements, but more new apps.

    feature requests get shamed: ‘this would make the app totally complicated!’ or plain ignored.

    program a freakin patternschain function allready. this cc10 bussinesss is like selling a car and deliver it without tires.

    i have most of his apps.. they look very good on first eye. they are not expensive. but they all feel very unfinished.
    shame for the potential

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