Meris LVX Modular Delay System Hands-On Demo

Meris shared this hands-on demo of their new LVX Modular Delay System.

The Meris LVX features powerful UI that lets you create custom delay effects. The pedal features discrete processing elements and control signal modifiers that can be connected as desired, for nearly infinite flexibility in crafting custom sounds.


  • Modular Delay System architecture
  • 2540mS of Highly Configurable Dual Delay
  • Advanced ARM Processor
  • Configurable Delay Structures, Types, and Processing Elements for the ultimate customization in delay processing
  • Intuitive Color Screen based User Interface
  • Always Available True Stereo 60 Second Looper
  • 99 Preset Locations in 33 Banks
  • Favorite Preset Bank for instant access to your 3 favorite presets
  • Instant Access Tuner with configurable Reference and Output mode
  • Deep Modifier Section lets you Route Control Signals to Processing Parameters
  • True Stereo Processing Elements (Poly Pitch Shifter operates in mono)
  • All New Processing Elements including Preamps, Granulize, Cassette, Poly Pitch, and more
  • Includes Processing Elements from the Meris family: Polymoon, Hedra, Enzo, and Ottobit Jr.
  • Selectable Note Divisions for each side of the stereo Dual Delay
  • Digitally controlled Analog mix bus
  • Stereo input and output with separate jacks for each
  • Switchable input/output headroom level for Instrument or Synthesizer / Line levels
  • MIDI In and Out over standard MIDI Din Jacks
  • Assignable Expression Pedal control for multiple parameters simultaneously
  • Dedicated Expression Pedal Jack
  • MIDI implementation for Continuous Control Parameters
  • MIDI Preset Send and Receive
  • MIDI beat clock synchronization
  • Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/32 bit floating point DSP
  • Premium Analog Devices JFET input section
  • Dimmable screen and logo light
  • Color – white powder coat with fine iridescent flake
  • Designed and built in California, U.S.A.

Pricing and Availability

The Merix LVX is available now to pre-order for $599 USD.

2 thoughts on “Meris LVX Modular Delay System Hands-On Demo

  1. I’m really impressed by this. The interface looks modern, display and visuals are ahead of the game, full i/o, patch memory, dimmable screen and LEDs. They really took the time to implement all the thinks we want that will make it joy to use.
    Hope there will be another one just like this for reverb!

  2. Oh wow, very impressed. If Meris does a dual reverb after this, I might upgrade my Nemesis / Ventris combo. I don’t mind using my phone to edit presets on the Source Audio’s all that much, but seeing deep editing being integrated in the unit itself sure is an upgrade I welcome.

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