Moog One Gets Major Firmware Update

Moog Music today released a major update for the Moog One, firmware 1.5.0.

The update substantially expands Moog One’s CV Input/Output capabilities, with 10 new CV/Pedal input functions and 14 new CV output options.

This update also introduces new user-accessible tuning, voice card and system calibrations, as well as bug fixes and feature improvements.

The Moog One Firmware v1.5.0 download also includes 25 new presets, designed by synthesist and Moog One expert Lisa Bella Donna. These patches were designed to inspire creative exploration while guiding you through the instrument’s vast possibilities.

You can preview the presets below:

For a detailed list of all new features and improvements, please see the Firmware v1.5.0 Release Notes.

16 thoughts on “Moog One Gets Major Firmware Update

  1. I was very impressed with the presets demo. The track (preset?) “Confluence” is, in my opinion, one of the more remarkable examples of Neo-Berlin School music I’ve heard in a long time. This is so mid-70s Berlin School, I can almost imagine Froese, Baumann, & Franke or, maybe, Michael Hoening performing it in my head. Anyway, this is really giving me cause to consider acquiring a Moog One. When it was first released I thought it was too costly for what it does and that it was just an exploitation of the “Moog” brand name. However, listening to that preset collection has changed my mind. This may be the best polysynth yet.

  2. I charged one to my credit card once just to touch it for a month. Returned it and paid the restock fee. This was before they raised the price on the 8 voice. It was amazing. The programmability, FX, amount of front panel control, and the sound!!!! All gear has a “sound”. I’m in love with Moog’s sound. And Arturia’s Brute lineup. I’ve plays all of those, I gel with them too but MOOOOOOOOOG!

  3. Lots of amazing sounds in LBD’s audio demos! When you hear them, there’s no denying the potential of the Moog One. It’s a massively powerful instrument.

    Kudos to Moog using real musicianship to show off their instruments, too. They probably do this better than any other company, and it makes you immediately understand the potential of their instruments.

  4. I never saw the Shoebridge clip until now. Wow! That is certainly a game changer for me. Unless Moog actually fixes, or has fixed, this issue, I can’t see myself investing that kind of money in purchasing what is, obviously, a defective synthesizer.

  5. Update made a huge difference. I have the 8th One ever built, so I have had it for a while, and I am truly surprised how much of a night and day difference it is. Even though the calibration took 4 hours to complete, it is absolutely worth it. It’s akin to upgrading from an m-audio interface to an RME or Lynx. I just wish it had come this way, as there would be less comments like the one above.

    1. What update? Has there been one that corrects (or compensates for) the oscillator compensation defect uncovered by Tim Shoebridge? I was seriously considering purchasing one but the Shoebridge video really made me change my mind at the going price point.

  6. Yes, I did watch the video in its entirety. While I value Tim Shoebridge’s assessments, our use of the Moog 1 would be very different. In Tim’s world, I can see how those tuning anomalies could be easily masked, however, combined with the general opinion that MIDI pretty much sucks on the One, I really can’t see investing in one right now.

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