Playtime Engineering New Groovebox For Kids, Blipblox myTracks, And Updated Blipblox Synthesizer

Ahead of the 2022 NAMM Show, Playtime Engineering has introduced the Blipblox SK2 synthesizer and Blipblox myTRACKS music production workstation.

Like the original Blipblox synthesizer, the new devices combine professional electronic music gear features – like sampling and MIDI support – with design tailored to kids 8-14.

The Blipblox myTRACKS is a sort of ‘MPC for kids’. It’s an easy-to-use, 5-track groove station that features 48 real instrument sounds, a built-in microphone for audio sampling and two FX processors.

The myTRACKS features a 5×5 grid of playpads that instantly triggers sounds and launches sequencer clips. Each instrument can be applied to the 5 tracks. Blipblox levers control two effects processors that can be applied to any track, providing a wide range of expression on any sound.

A built-in microphone encourages kids to create their own real-world vocals and sounds to include in any track. By using the built-in sequences, or recording your own, anyone can quickly create detailed, multi-track songs. A powerful Randomize function also provides instant inspiration. Sets can be saved for future performance.

The myTRACKS sounds and sequences are completely updatable via the USB-C connection. Users can download new sound sets for specific styles, including orchestra, hip-hop, jazz, rock and EDM.

The myTRACKS includes a 5-pin MIDI Out, so it can be used to control any Blipblox synthesizer, or any of the thousands of sound modules and synths that include MIDI In. The USB-C includes class-compliant USB MIDI in and out, so it can be used to control any software running inside a Mac or PC’s DAW.

Here’s an example of the myTRACKS in action:

The Blipblox SK2 features a colorful spacey design, with both a signal flow diagram and labeled controls to promote synthesis discovery.

The 400 built-in melodies range from video game pop to classical music riffs. Advanced features include resonant multi-mode filters, wavetable synthesis, 16 oscillator schemes and stereo multi-tap delay.

A completely redesigned LED light show gives kids the feeling of being center stage as it synchronizes with their live jam. Just like every Blipblox, the SK2 features MIDI In, 1?4” audio out, in a child-durable, safety-certified device.

Pricing and Availability

  • Blipblox SK2
    MSRP: $199
    Safe for ages 3+
    Available November 2022
  • Blipblox myTRACKS
    MSRP: $249
    Safe for ages 3+
    Available Q1 2023

20 thoughts on “Playtime Engineering New Groovebox For Kids, Blipblox myTracks, And Updated Blipblox Synthesizer

    1. That was my thought. The design looks like it’s fun for tiny kids, but I wouldn’t leave tiny kids unattended with something that costs more than $50. There’s the drool, and they just love stamping on things. Maybe for 8+ kids, but even they have a short attention span, and wouldn’t they appreciate something that looks a little more grown-up?

      Or maybe it’s for a sort of kiddy-kitch genre, like the diskq demonstrates quite nicely.

    2. 1. Don’t confuse MSRP with street price, these things will go on sale for far less at some point.
      2. Making things “cheaper” usually involves cutting quality, stripping components and using the cheapest possible labour. It’s not a good thing, as anyone who has ever bought shoes from walmart will tell you.

  1. The myTRACKS looks awesome and the price is great, So hard to find a toy for children that cover all this features. I will order it as soon as it available.

  2. I am a little confused with the choice of a 5 x 5 grid… if this is a gate way educational device than surely 8×4 or even 4 x 4 would be much more of a cohearent foundation to build from as they are close to a standard approach within the groovebox word.

  3. plenty of rich idiots out there with money to burn

    just ask teenage engineering

    who are literally adjacent to this product category

  4. I remember when people wanted to be rich. It was like the thing to aspire to, wealth. Doesnt bring happiness but its great to no longer have to look at the prices of food items in the grocery store. Someone that took a turn and everyone who works hard and makes a good salary is considered an idiot if they choose to spendit on something others dont think they should. Opinions are opinions and mirrors are mirrors. Once your opinion becomes what a reflection of what you see in the mirror, its time to make some changes or at the very least STFU. With all due respect.

    1. You’re right Handsome Randy. Many these days seem to make it their mission to demand that others be who and what they want them to be and if not, those people are chastised. Just look at the US government. And I’m not being political, just pointing to the blatant growing attempts to control how other people live their lives and how that attitude appears more and more throughout our society. It’s scary.

    2. Have you forgotten that you’ve told everyone here you’re rich because you invested early in Apple? Then you turn around and lecture us about wealth like this? You are a great guy.

  5. I love how people are like – this is for rich kids, I would never give kids something that costs $250… now play with my $800+ iphone/ipad instead

    1. Haha so true!
      Who are these people here any way must be children, come on everyone who has a job can pay for this.
      If you complain about a single product being way over 2 grand i can follow but this you are just Trolling.

    2. If I was buying a groovebox as a gift for a 10 year old, I think Samples or Cycles are hands down way better options. They are a little more new at retail, but they go on sale for $250 and can be easily obtained on the used market for $250. The Liven boxes are also great options and they go for $199.

      So I don’t think the argument is “$250 is too expensive,” but “$250 is too expensive for what you get” and taking into account all the options that are out there, I don’t think those arguments are necessarily wrong.

        1. I agree. For kids, an onboard speaker is a must, but is fairly hard to find. I’d also love suggestions.

          I’ve currently got a Pocket Operator with a robust case and a screen protector. Fingers crossed it holds up the kiddo stress test!

  6. I would love to get my niece and nephew a synthesizer except it would probably take about 30 mins to end up in the pile of toys never to be touched again. …I think I will get them what I started on…a DOS only computer and Inpulse Tracker 🙂

  7. btw, the only reason the truth “hurts” is because you are too weak and pathetic to handle it

    have a nice day

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