Cre8audio Intros West Pest, An Affordable ‘West Coast’ Synthesizer

Ahead of the 2022 NAMM Show, Cre8audio has introduced the West Pest, an affordable ‘West Coast’ style synthesizer that complements their recently introduced East Beast synth.

Created in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, West Pest is a semi-modular monophonic desktop synthesizer, integrating imaginative sound-shaping tools with traditionally “west coast” concepts. West Pest has at its core 8 patchable modules (Oscillator, wave contour, dynamics controller, LFO, multi-mod tool, MIDI to CV converter, step sequencer, and button keyboard), with 18 Eurorack compatible patch points. West Pest is patched internally to create a flexible full synth voice. Using the patch points, though, lets you reroute internal signal flow, as well as use with external eurorack format modules and synthesizers.

West Pest’s unique sound has been influenced by Pittsburgh’s Voltage Research Lab synthesizer. The Pittsburgh-designed core oscillator technology has matured through the development of their SV-1 and later with Voltage Research Laboratory. This iteration’s waveforms have been optimized to be run through West Pest’s wavefolder.

Wave folding/shaping is integral to West Pest’s foundation. Wavefolding amplifies incoming waveforms. Rather than clipping or distorting, the wavefolder circuit folds the waveforms back onto themselves, creating upwards of six folds to add vast harmonic complexity and depth.

West Pest’s snappy, responsive articulation is accomplished by the Dynamics Controller. This unique concept is designed to behave like a traditional filter, a VCA, and an envelope generator, all at once. Upon note trigger, the filter opens fully and rapidly, producing a sharp, percussive attack. At release, the Dynamics Controller adds a ringing, resonant decay, resulting in a rounder, more musical sound.

The Dynamics Controller is the product of years of research by Pittsburgh’s founder Richard Nicol, and Chief of R&D Michael Johnsen. Inspired by the developments of West Coast synthesis pioneer Don Buchla, Pittsburgh Modular has modernized and evolved these concepts, adding wider range, consistency, stability, and resonance control, as well as an infinitely variable, ringing decay.

Going beyond these analog sound-sculpting tools, West Pest also includes a deep new digital multi-mod /multi-function tool concept to add more flavor to the Pest’s production. The multi-mod lets users select between additional clock synced LFO, decay envelope, MIDI-controlled modulation, and random voltage generator modes.

West Pest can be controlled via MIDI, control voltage (CV/Gate), and its function keys, which double as a keyboard controller. Also included is an integrated sequencer & arpeggiator that can also be controlled via MIDI and is externally clockable.


  • West coast style additive monophonic synthesizer
  • Controllable via MIDI, CV, and integrated button keyboard
  • Fully patchable – use West Pest’s components as separate modules with external devices or reroute its internal patching. It’s like having 8 individual modules (Oscillator, wave contour, dynamics controller, LFO, multi-mod tool, MIDI to CV converter, sequencer, and button keyboard).
  • 32 step sequencer with up to 13 presets
  • Generative sequencing mode
  • Clock-synced arpeggiator
  • Step sequencer can be manipulated & transposed via MIDI and the integrated button keyboard
  • Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer developed 100% analog oscillator
  • Oscillator waveforms – sine, triangle, and saw – Waveforms can be combined
  • Oscillator includes frequency modulation (FM)
  • Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer famous wave folder/shaper circuit – folds inputted waves back onto themselves to yield rich harmonic texture
  • Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller – 100% modern circuitry designed to behave like a traditional filter, VCA, and envelope generator all at once.
  • Dual range analog LFO with square and triangle wave outputs
  • LFO Range – High: 2 Hz to 500 Hz Low: 41s to 5 Hz
  • Digital multi-mod tool – modulation control via CV, random generator, and extra LFO and envelope generator
  • Internal clock with tap tempo and can be clocked via an external source.
  • Built-in clock divider
  • Use standalone in its included case or removed to use as a eurorack format module
  • Specifications for when used as a eurorack module
  • Width when used as a module = 40hp
  • Depth when used as a module = 25mm
  • 213mA power draw when running +12V rail
  • 151mA power draw when running -12V
  • Input voltage range of oscillator = 0-10V
  • Included in the box – 1x West Pest, 1x West Pest wall-wart power supply, 5x Amazing Nazca Noodles Patch Cables, 2x 3.5mm to 5 pin MIDI Din pigtails, and love (love’s presence likely, but not guaranteed)

Pricing and Availability

West Pest is expected to ship ‘immenently’, with an estimated street price of $249.99 / €249.99. See the Cre8audio site for details.

15 thoughts on “Cre8audio Intros West Pest, An Affordable ‘West Coast’ Synthesizer

  1. I was hoping for something like this. Looks like it pulls some of the best bits of the Pittsburgh Voltage Lab and Microvolt into one affordable package. Does not sound especially Buchla-esque in the demo, but I think that’s not a bad choice; versatility is welcome.

    1. People with a sense of humor?

      I’ve been loving the fact that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously.

      Cre8audio makes good products, their prices are great, and they seem like they’re having fun.

      The West Pest is a direct competitor to the 0-Coast – but without the artsy panel, and at half the cost. What’s not to like?

      1. humour can be cheesy too, right?
        cheesy can be marketing, and not ‘not taking oneself seriously’
        also, the Pest’s panel looks rather ‘artsy’ (or, well, cheesy imo), while 0coast panel is just good contemporary design with the brand’s own style. same here.

        it’s weird how often a different opinion here gets cancel-cultured. what’s wrong with not liking a synth or a style?

        1. “it’s weird how often a different opinion here gets cancel-cultured. what’s wrong with not liking a synth or a style?”

          Somebody says that they like a synth and you go straight to accusing them of ‘cancel-culture’.

          Projecting much?

      2. I was thinking the same thing – that this is Cre8audio making a more affordable 0-Coast, without going the Behringer route and just making a knockoff.

        Behringer sucks up a lot of the oxygen, because their products are controversial, but this demonstrates that even a small company can make a synth design that’s both affordable and original.

    2. People who appreciate the Pittsburgh Modular sound and its fat oscillators. Richard is the epitome of a self-made entrepreneur. He gets it and has a passion and that is what you are buying. [He also makes some seriously stout cases and his business partner is also well-versed about synthesis.] No affiliation, just love the guys.

  2. For whatever reason, the demo clip was down so I didn’t get to hear it. I’ve kind of sworn off monosynths because they are accumulating in my studio closet, but for $250 I could be tempted to give it a go.

  3. 350,- Euro is a bit too much I think.

    They keep advertising with 250 but they’re lying. If you order they ask 350,- without shipping cost.

    1. “Estimated street price”. If you go to Thomann you’ll find it for €243 (at least in my region).
      Their website states MSRP $350! Unless they say something else in the video then they do not lie.

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